Inca Clinic supports several different types of accounts which help you manage relationships with Corporate Clients, Patients, Suppliers and other Service Providers. The account type determines the behaviour of the account. For example, Supplier accounts can be used to order stock and can be associated with Products. A Corporate account on the other hand can have Invoices assigned with it. The account type also influences which fields are available on the account page. The account types are explained in more detail later in this document.

To access an Account click on the Accounts tab. You will see a list of the most recently viewed Accounts:

the Accounts tab - listing recently accessed accounts

Searching for an Account

To search for an account, use the Global Search area at the top of the screen, to the right of the Inca Clinic logo. Global Search allows you to search across all types of information in Inca Clinic, including Accounts:

The position of the Global Search facility.

To search for an account record, start typing in the account name, and click Search.

Create a New Account

When creating a new account, first decide which type of account you would like to create. Inca Clinic supports several different types of accounts which help you to manage relationships with Corporate Clients, Patients, Suppliers and other Service Providers.

Creating a new account.

Understanding Account Types

Inca Clinic supports the following account types.

Associate Medical Centres

This allows you to associate other healthcare providers with a patient. For example, you can create an account for a GP Practice and enter the individual doctors as contacts on that account. On the Patient details page you can then use the Main Healthcare Provider field to associate those doctor contacts with the patient. See Main Healthcare Providers


These accounts are for your clients, such as companies, NGOs, government departments or groups (e.g., a cycling club) that use your services. You can allocate Invoices to accounts of this type. In addition, you can decide if the account has credit facilities, set credit limits and so on.

Health Insurer

Health Insurers sometimes provide cover for certain procedures or even the travel vaccines themselves. Add the names of any Health Insurance providers and then associate patients with one of these using the Insurance Provider tab on the Patient Record.


An Individual Account is linked to a specific patient. To save an Invoice in Inca it must be associated with either a Corporate or Individual account. You do not normally need to explicitly create an Individual Account, as this is done automatically for you when an Invoice is created if no other account is selected. If you do want to manually create an Individual Account, remember to specify the patient's Chart ID.

You can link other patients to the Individual Account of a particular patient. This is useful if you are dealing with a family or other informal group.

An Individual Account normally only gets created the first time an invoice is generated, where no other existing account has been selected. For more information see Creating an Invoice.

Patient Service Provider

Each Patient Record has a tab called External Identifiers, which can be useful for recording the IDs that the patient has with other organisations, such as a laboratory, hospital or GP system. By creating a Patient Service Provider, you can associate a patient with one of these types of account.

See here for information on how to display such External Identifiers on invoices and reports.


A Supplier Account represents companies from which you order vaccines and other products. Inca Clinic comes with Supplier Accounts for some of the main vaccine suppliers, and it preconfigures their main products. You may need to edit the Address and other contact details to that of their office local to you. You should also add any products that are missing from the suppliers that you use, and add new suppliers as required.

With Supplier Accounts, you can place orders, manage stock and associate products. You can also record the contact details of the sales team, and so on.

Corporate Account Features

Inca Clinic provides extensive support for helping you to manage corporate accounts

Corporate Accounts: Patient Cover Report

Corporate clients and NGOs often request a report on the cover status of their staff. This enables them to assess who is covered to travel. It also provides you with an opportunity to pro-actively manage the health of your clients' staff.

To access the report, click the 'Patient Cover Report' button. 1)

Patient cover report

(Please contact us if you cannot find the Patient Cover Report button; or configure it to appear by using the Page Layout Editor on the Corporate Account page.)

The resulting report lists the complete vaccine history of each patient linked with the account.

Accessing the patient cover report for an account.


  • You can export the report to an Excel compatible file
  • You can filter the report by disease. For example, you can check who is covered against Yellow Fever.
  • You can filter by country to review who is covered against diseases recommended and required for the country.

NOTE: The Excel report does not currently output the filtered report results. You can export the full report and filter it in Excel.

Corporate Accounts: Statements and Accepting Payments

Inca Clinic allows you to manage clients that have credit terms, i.e., those that pay on account. When an invoice is paid on account, it remains as an outstanding amount owing to the clinic. Inca Clinic allows you to:

  • Send statements by Email as a PDF attachment
  • Print a statement
  • Email multiple statements at once
  • Accept payments when they arrive

Sending Statements

When you open an Individual or Corporate account record, it will display the outstanding balance, credits and other information. If there is an outstanding balance and you wish to send a statement, click the 'Statements and Payments' button. This brings you to the Manage Payments page:

Sending by Email

Click 'Email Statement' to send an email with the statement attached as a PDF. The email address on the account is used. You can edit the format of such emails using the Communications Template. Click < Your Name > Setup - Administration Setup - Communications Templates - Email Templates. Filter the list to show Inca Email Templates - Statement.

Click 'Print Statement'. This will open a new tab in your web browser. Use the the print option on your browser to print the statement.

Accept Payments

  • Select the Payment Method being used.
  • Optionally, add a note like a Remittance Reference.
  • If a full payment is being made, click the check box adjacent to each invoice being paid. Alternatively, if an invoice is being partially paid enter the amount of the payment being made.
  • Click 'Submit Payments' to allocate the payments into the Sales Ledger

Batch Emailing of Statement

To make the it easier to send statement to all outstanding accounts, Inca Clinic allows you to email them out in one go. From the Start Here tab, click the 'Monthly Statements' link in the Accounts and Finance panel.

Click the 'Send Mail to all Selected Accounts'; this will send an email with a PDF of the statement attached.

1) Those upgrading to Inca Clinic Autumn 12 will need to add the button to the page using the Page Layout Editor. Contact if you need assistance.
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