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Autumn 12 Release

There are new new and improved features in the Autumn 2012 Release. Here's a step by step guide.

Consultation and Vaccine Management

  • Substitute Vaccines: This gives you the ability to change the brand of vaccine used during a schedule, e.g., substituting Rabipur for HDCV. There is now no need to cancel or reschedule to switch brands. The Vaccine Cover graph and patient summary reports show the actual vaccine given, and any courses that have used a subsitite are marked with an asterisk. Learn more about this new feature

  • Batch Expiry Dates: The Expiry Date for a Batch Number can now be added on the Vaccine Administration screen. If you leave the Batch Expiry Date blank, you'll receive a friendly reminder by email to update it.
  • Improved Alerts: We've improved alerts and warnings on the Vaccine Administration screen to help you better manage existng schedules.
  • Improved Yellow Fever Reporting: To improve Yellow Fever reporting compliance, you can now get Inca Clinic to prompt users to confirm for which country Yellow Fever has been scheduled. You can set how strict you want the compliance to be, from none to always-confirm. Click the 'Yellow Fever Prompt Control' link in the Medical Information panel on the Inca Administration tab to set this up. The Yellow Fever report has also been improved and now details the countries, batch numbers and other details in compliance with the UK NaTHNaC format.
  • Editing Patient Details: patient details can now be editing from within a consultation.
  • Reviewing Previous Consultation Notes: notes from previous visits can now be viewed. Click on the Consultation Notes and Summary link in a consultation and then click the See All Patient Notes link. This will display all notes taken in the current and previous consultations, along with general notes from the patient's record.
  • Adding New Medical Conditions: new medical conditions can now be added during a consultation. This allows you to capture a more complete medical history. To prevent the medical history list filling up with junk, medical history terms added this way are not marked active. This hides them from the lookup list until the medical director or administrator approves them (by making them active). To make this task easy, they receive an email with a link to the new medical condition that they can make active if they wish.

Adding A New Medical History

  • New Pregnancy status prompt: The Medical History page now has a pregnancy status prompt for female patients. The prompt occurs after each 24 hour period. As best practice, you should include the Medical History page in all Care Pathways.
  • WHO Yellow Fever and Malaria: information on these diseases is now available on the Travel Itinerary page. Add a country and hover over its name to get information on Malaria and Yellow Fever advice from WHO.
  • Consultation Summary Print Options: You can now print a preset Summary Report for a consultation; this includes just the Travel Itinerary and Vaccine Details for the patient. Alternatively, you can decide which sections to print using the Patient Summary Options link, similar to that on the Patient Record page.

Add Past Vaccine history:

From user feedback, this was one of the areas that you felt needed improvement. So here what we've done.

  • The interface has been re-designed for faster entry. All of the vaccine schedules are now preloaded into the lookup list using a new optimised search query.
  • If you are entering a multi-dose schedule, such as Twinrix, you now have the option of entering each administration date and the clicking 'Save'. In particular, there is no need to enter a vaccine multiple times to record a multi-dose schedule. Note that Inca Clinic will calculate the “likely” schedule dates based on the first administration date you enter (the actual dates are likely to be close to these, and this will save time when entering dates). These changes will allows you to quickly enter information about a multi-dose schedule from an external vaccine record.
  • You can continue a schedule for a patient that has already had, say, 2 of the 3 administrations due on a schedule. Any future planned doses can be added, and these will appear in the patients's schedule, just like any other doses that are scheduled for the future.
  • There are new status definitions for more accurate recording, including Deleted, Incomplete, Unrecognized Schedule and In Progress.
  • Vaccines managed by the Vaccine Scheduler can now be updated to 'sero-conversion confirmed'.

Learn about this improved feature.

Accounts and Invoicing

  • The Vaccine Cover by Employee Report: This report displays vaccine cover for employees of an organisation. The feature lets you filter by disease cover and country, so you can see who is covered to travel where. You can also export the report in the Excel format and send that file to your client. Read more about this feature.
  • Pre-payment of Vaccine Schedules: Planned vaccines can be pre-paid on an invoice. When the patient returns for their next administration, Inca Clinic “remembers” that the vaccines have been pre-paid and displays this on any new invoices.
  • Invoice Balance: this is displayed on the Accounts tab on the Patient Report, making it easier to view what's owed.
  • Address Format: Invoices now correctly display line-breaks in addresses.
  • Printing: The layout of reports has been improved to fit window envelopes.
  • Hide Header: The header can be hidden on the Patient Summary Report. This helps condense reports printed for internal use.
  • Waiting Room: You can now manage Consultation Templates from the Waiting Room. In addition, the last-used template is automatically selected for the next patient; this makes it quicker to handle families and groups travelling to the same location.
  • New Adverse Event Report (Beta): This is a brand new feature and gives you the ability to report adverse events. Beta means we're testing it out and looking for your feedback. The idea is that you can record adverse events and associate them with a specific vaccine administration, prescription, and so on. In this release, we just enable you to link adverse events with a patient. Contact if you would like to know how to use this feature.

Improved Patient Communicator

  • There is now a new option to filter vaccines based on their schedule type, i.e. primary, booster or whatever schedules you have defined.
  • You can also filter vaccines based on their status: 'Not Started', 'In Progress' and 'Completed'.
  • You can now directly access and edit (if you have the right permissions) the email templates you use to communicate with patients.

Improved security features

  • As a Salesforce ISV we need to comply with their strict protocols on Internet security and while you may not see the visible results there have been some major enhancements to ensure you remain well protected using the latest security techniques.
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