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Bulk Patient-Vaccination Uploader

There may be times when you run a clinic in a local business or school, where you might vaccinate 10s or even 100s of patients with a single dose vaccine, such as for flu. In these circumstances, it may be too slow to create a record in Inca Clinic for each patient and to use the Vaccine Scheduler for each, especially with a queue of 20 people outside the door :-). Nevertheless, there are big advantages later in storing the information in Inca Clinic. For example, next year you can send out a reminder using the Patient Communicator.

The Bulk Patient-Vaccination Uploader feature helps to quickly enter certain types of simple vaccination information. It allows you to create a list of the people vaccinated using a spreadsheet such as Excel, Google Calc or Libre Office, save it as CSV file and the load the names into Inca Clinic.

None of the flexibility of Inca Clinic will be available to you when you are seeing the patients, but this may be acceptable to you when you are dealing with the same single dose vaccine for each patient.

Restrictions on this feature

  1. At the moment, this feature only supports single dose vaccines. If you load a multi-dose vaccine such as Twinrix or Gardisal, it will record the full schedule as Completed.
  2. You should only upload patients that do not currently have a record in Inca Clinic. A new patient record will be created for each entry in the CSV file, even if the patient already exists in Inca Clinic.
  3. Each patient that is created will be associated with an Account. This is what you'll want to do in most cases, but you'll have to create a dummy account to handle the rare case where the patients are not in fact to be associated with an account.

How to use this feature

This feature is available on the Accounts and Finance panel on the Inca Administration tab.

Bulk Patient-Vaccination Uploader

Creating a CSV file

  • Create a spreadsheet using Excel, Google Calc, etc.
  • In the following order, name the columns by typing exactly the following into the first row: “Title”, “First Name”, “Surname”, “DoB”, “Sex”.
  • * DoB must be in the format dd/MM/yyyy (e.g. 20/03/1975) or for the US MM/dd/yyyy (e.g. 03/20/1975) - depending on what region you are in.
  • * Sex: you must use the values “Male” or “Female” (not “m” or “f”) in this column.
  • Optionally, you can add three address columns by extending the fist row with (exactly): “Address”, “City”, “Country”.
  • * The country name must match a valid country name in Inca Clinic.
  • Once the spreadsheet has been filled in, save it as a CSV file using the “Save As..” command under the File menu. That CSV file is then ready to be uploaded into Inca Clinic.

Uploading the CSV file

  • Select the Account (usually a Corporate account) that will be associated with these administrations for billing purposes.
  • Select the Vaccine.
  • Enter the Batch Number used.
  • If you haven't entered the patients' addresses in the spreadsheet you can opt to have Inca use the Company address for each patient record created, or to enter an address of your choosing.
  • Choose the Administration Date.
  • Click 'Choose File' and select the CSV file.
  • Finally click 'Upload'.

Inca Clinic will scan through the CSV file and create a new patient record for each entry in the file. It will then add the vaccine as administered using the batch number you entered.

If there are any errors in the file, Inca Clinic will report the error but not create any of the patient records.

To invoice the account, create an appropriate Travel Product (e.g. 'Corporation Flu Vaccination') and set the price per administration. Create an Invoice and add product and quantity as required.

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