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Communities for Inca Clinic extends the underlying Communities feature provided by the platform. A community allows your patients, corporate clients, external medical services or other parnters to login into Inca Clinic and access information you enabled them to view.

For example a Patient could login and book an appointment, update their patient record, view their vaccine cover etc. In another context the HR manager of a Corporate client could check when an employee last went for a travel health check and so on.

Communities also takes advantage of Chatter which allows you to collaborate, submit questions, share documents, private message with clinic Users. Communities supports Social Login using Facebook, Google and other Open ID providers. This makes it very easy to people to join your communitie, for example patients might login with Facebook while corporates prefer LinkedIn or Google.

As the requirements vary per customer their is no one set of features; each implementation of Communities is tailored to your requirements. Please contact us on for more information.

Patient Communities

Patients can login to your account via a login page branded with you name, colours and logo. You can then interact with the patient in real time and/or allow the patient to access health advice, update their details, book appointments and so on.

  • Allow Patients and login using Facebook, Google etc
  • Simplify patient bookings and return bookings
  • Allow patient access their patient record, vaccine history etc
  • Personalized travel itinerary and health advice
  • Enhanced patient support with Communities and Chatter allowing patients to post questions and get advice from clinic staff
  • Access via PC/Mobile/Tablet

Patient Commmunities Scenario

  • Mary visits the Superdrug travel clinic site and makes an online appointment.
  • The confirmation email invites her to join the Superdrug Patient Community. Mary uses her Facebook account to join the Patient Community saving the hassle of having to create a new account. Mary now has access to her appointment details and itinerary.
  • Mary is concerned about Malaria, and using the Community Chatter is able to post a question.
  • By using the word ‘Malaria’ Inca Clinic automatically responds by posting a leaflet on Malaria and Insect Bites. In addition Superdrug Users assigned to deal with Malaria questions can post a response as they are alerted to a question being asked on the topic.
  • The reply comes in as an email alert and Mary is able to us her mobile phone to login (via Facebook) to the Patient Community see the response and post another question.
  • After a visit to the Superdrug Travel Clinic, Mary receives a reminder to book a return visit. She logs onto the Patient Communities site and makes the booking. As she is a verified user there is no need for her to re-enter her details. Having identified the patient Inca Clinic provides booking times and locations suitable for her return visit.

Communities for Corporate Clients

Add value to the service you provide Corporate clients. HR and Travel Managers can login to ensure all their employees are update to date on vaccines and health assessments. Allow them to book and refer bookings to your clinic. Use Chatter to inteact and keep corporates up to date.

Communities for Corporate Scenarios

Human Resources

The HR is able to access their account and review when employees were last assessed, view their current vaccine cover an on. HR is able to book employees for an appointment or advise the employee to make one.

Corporate Employee

Similar to the Patient Communities this allow company employees login get advice, access their records, complete assessments and book appointments

Other Communities

Other communties include medical service providers that refer patients to your clinic, vaccine suppliers and so on.

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