Consultation Summary Step

At the end of a consultation, Inca Clinic displays a Consultation Summary, which shows you what took place during the consultation and gives you a set of useful actions that you can choose from.

We'll look at the left and rights hand sides of the page separately.


The consultation summary

On the left: the left hand side of the screen allows you to review the consultation, and also to print or email the prescription.

  • By default, you can click the link “Vaccines Administered during this Consultation”. An example is shown at the end of this list. Please note that the vaccines that have been administered are shown with a green tick mark. The red box refers to the next vaccines to be administered.
  • You can choose to email the patient useful travel advice information by expanding the Travel Media and Documents sections. Learn more
  • The Prescriptions box has two useful links:
    • “Print or Email” allows you to print the prescription for the patient, or email it to him or her.
    • “Patient Info” gives you the same choices for patient information (e.g., some instructions for the medicines prescribed).

Clicking on any of the headers reveals or hides information.

Clicking “Vaccines Administered during this Consultation” gives the following type of chart. The red box shows the next administration due; the green ticks show the administred vaccines. Two date warnings are shown because it would likely be too early to administer those vaccines today. You can see the details of these warnings by clicking on “Show Data Advisories and Date Warnings”.

The vaccines administered and those to be administered.

Clicking “Travel Media and Health Documents” gives the following type of list:

Travel Media and Health Documents

The right hand side of the consultation summary.

The righthand side gives you a set of actions that you can take:

  • [This is useful for travel clinics.] “Create Consultation Template” allows you to create a template based on the patient's travel itinerary. This template can then be reused in future consultations by selecting it in the Waiting Room when starting a consultation. By default, the template is named after the patient but you can name it anything you like. See Managing Consultation Templates.
    • Templates are especially helpful if you are seeing a set of patients travelling on the same itinerary; for example, a family or school group.
  • “Print Default Summary” allows you to print a detailed summary of the patient.
    • “Configure” allows you to configure what is included in that printed summary.
  • Under the “Finish Consultation” header, you can make your final actions:
    • If the patient's visit is now finished, you can set his/her status in the waiting room to Ready for Invoicing; and finally press either the “Save and view Waiting Room” or “Save and view Patient Record”.
    • If the patient's visit is to continue straight away, you can select “Follow-on care pathway” (Learn More), choose that follow-on care pathway, and finally press one of the two save buttons.

Review past Consultation Summaries

To review past consultation summaries: from the patient's (full) record page, click the Consultation tab and then select a past consultation from the table. (Medical Directors and System Administrators also have an Edit option.)

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