Displaying External Identifiers on Invoices and Reports

Its very common for patients to have some sort of number, code or identifier that links them with things such as a state medical insurance scheme, a club, a promotion, and so on. It's often a requirement that these identifiers appear on invoices and other documents so that the patient can get reimbursements for medical expenses, benefits and so on.

It is possible to configure Inca Clinic so that these identifiers appear in documents such as invoices etc. The rest of this document explains how it works.

Let's say your country has a state sponsored medical expense reimbursement scheme called 'Medical Expenses Payment Scheme', or MEPS for short. Every eligible citizen is given a number that MEPS provides to the Health Care provider. To have the cost of the consultation or other medical expenses refunded the patient must submit an invoice to the government department managing the scheme, and the Invoice must display their MEPS number.

Steps to take:

Create a 'Patient Service Provider' Account (see [[accounts|Accounts]]
  1. Click the Accounts tab and click the 'New' button
  2. Create a new 'Patient Service Provider' account
  3. Name the account as it should appear on the Invoice. In this, case we'll call it MEPS.
  4. Press Save
Associate a Patient
  1. Open a patient's record
  2. Click the 'Identifiers' tab
  3. Click the 'Add Identifier' button
  4. In the dialog that appears enter 'MEPS' in the 'Select an Account' field
  5. Enter the Patient ID number, e.g. 1234567X in the External Identifier field
  6. To have this ID appear in patient reports and invoices, check the 'Display on Reports' checkbox
  7. Click Save

Once this is done, anytime a patient report or invoice is printed or emailed it will display MEPS:1234567X. You can record up to 5 external identifiers in this way per patient.

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