Create and Managing Templates

You can create your own email templates that can be used as the basis for email/pdfs sent to patients. You need Manage Public Templates permissions to edit and manage communication templates. (See this article to learn more from Salesforce: Manage Email Templates.)

Email Templates

  1. Click [Your Name] - Setup
  2. Under Administration Setup, click or expand Communication Templates, and then Email Templates (which is a sub-entry of Communications Templates).
  3. Choose “Inca Email Templates” from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
  4. Click the name of the template you wish to change.
  5. Press “Edit HTML Version” to see the body of the email. Make your changes, and press Save.

To create a new template:

  1. Click 'New Template' to create new one. 1)
  2. Select'HTML”.

Merge Fields: Inca Clinic uses a feature called Merge Fields. These placeholders allow you to insert information such as the Patient's name and the name of you clinic. When the email/letter is created for a patient, the merge fields are replaced with information about that patient; for example, the patient's name. The following merge fields can be used:

  • {!Contact.FirstName} = Patient's first name
  • {!Contact.Name} = Patient's last name
  • {!Organization.Name} = Name of your clinic
  • {!Organization.Phone} = Phone number of your clinic
  • {!IncaClinic__Patient_Appointment__c.IncaClinic__Medical_Centre__c} = the medical centre an appointment is booked for
  • {!IncaClinic__Patient_Appointment__c.IncaClinic__Start_Time__c} = the start time of an appointment.

(Note: IncaClinic__Patient_Appointment__c.IncaClinic__Medical_Centre__c has 2 underscore characters between c and P; a single underscore character between t and A; two underscore characters between t and c; two underscore characters between c and M; a single underscore character between l and C; and finally two underscore characters between e and c. Similarly for %%IncaClinicPatient_Appointmentc.IncaClinicStart_Timec.)

Edit a Template

When you've saved your template make sure you make it Active.

Incaplex offers consultancy services around this feature; contact for more information.

1) If you create a new Template then generally choose 'Clinic Letterhead' for Letterhead and 'Free Form Letter' as the layout. Learn more Manage Email Templates
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