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From time to time, you may need to correct a mistake that someone has made when using Inca Clinic. For example, someone may have used a substitute vaccine (an equivalent from a different manufacturer) but failed to record this when doing the consultation. This page shows you how to make this and other changes, after the fact.

To make these changes, you need to use the low-level interface to the system ( on which Inca Clinic is built; you need to get “under the hood”. You need to be very careful not to make changes to fields that you do not understand. By restricting yourself to the simple changes described here, you can maintain the integrity of the system. Other changes may have unwanted consequences. Do not make any changes that you are unsure of. Contact to discuss any changes and receive further training. In most clinics, a senior medic will take responsibility for learning how to make these changes, and thankfully they don’t arise very often.

This document describes how to fix some common errors (but you must first read the Getting Started section):

Remember to limit your changes – only change fields that you understand.

Getting Started: Finding and Opening the Consultation

The starting point is the patient’s record, pressing the “View Full Record” button if this has not been done. From there, select the “Consultations” tab.

A list of all of the patient’s past consultations is shown. You need to find and edit the correct consultation:

  • You need to locate the one in which the vaccines where scheduled for the patient – not the one in which the vaccines were administered.
  • The best way to think of this is that the vaccine schedule and all of its details are closely associated with the consultation in which you or another medic created the schedule.

The following screenshot shows this list of consultations for a patient. Only two are shown in this simple list: the top one (on 28/03/2014) is a recent consultation in which some error has been made; the lower one (on 26/03/2014) created the vaccine schedule for the patient (as we’ll see, this contains Twinrix and Rabies). The Care Pathway of the top consultation is “Manage Existing Vaccine Schedule”; the bottom one is “Travel Vaccination Consultation”, which contains the Vaccine Scheduler step.

List of consultations for this patient

The bottom consultation is the one of importance here. It’s the one that created the vaccine schedule, and the vaccine schedule and all of its details are available through it.

Click the “Edit” button for the bottom consultation (the one on 26/03/2014). This gives:

Details of the consultation

Look at the entries under the “Vaccine Schedules” header:

List of vaccine schedules

There is an entry for each of Twinrix (Adult) and Rabies BP 1ml IM.

We’ll now look at how to make some changes to the Rabies record.

Finding and Changing the Correct Record

Open the Rabies record by clicking on the record number in the Vaccine Schedule Name column. Here the number is SCH004952. Do not click on the other links on this line (such as Edit, Del, Rabies BP 1ml IM, etc.).

Click here

You’ll then see all of the details for Rabies for this patient:

Details for rabies for this patient

You can see that three administrations were planned (on 26/03/2014, 02/04/2014 and 23/04/2014). The first two have been given (Vaccine Administration Status is Given, and the Actual Administration Date and Vaccine Batch Number has been recorded for each). The Day In Schedule column is useful when reading these entries as it gives a clear indication of ordering.

For our example here, we’ll make some fixes to the day 7 administration (which was planned to be given on 02/04/2014 but actually given on 28/03/2014). We’ll fix the following:

Edit the Rabies record by clicking the appropriate “Edit” button (the middle one in this case). (You could click on the name of the record “VSD004908” but this would make the editing slightly more difficult.) This gives:

Schedule detail for rabies

Fixing the Batch Number

You can click on the Vaccine Batch Number box and type in the correct batch number. It is better, however, to click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the batch number and then select one of the relevant batch numbers. Press “Save”.

Fixing the Site Given

The Site Given field is a list. Select the correct site from that list. Press “Save”.

Recording or Fixing a Substitute Vaccine

The field of interest here is Replacement Vaccine. (If this field does not appear in your view, please contact You should:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of this field and enter the substitute vaccine. For example, after clicking on the magnifying glass, type “rabi” and press “Go!”, and you will see a list of rabies vaccines. Select the correct vaccine.
  • Change the vaccine batch number, to that of the substitute vaccine.
  • Press “Save”.

Changing the status from Given to To Be Given

This is a more complex change because you have to change a number of fields. (This error may have arisen because, during the consultation, the administrating medic re-visited the Vaccine Administration page twice and pressed the Confirm Vaccinations button twice.)

To undo this, you must change the following fields:

  • Replacement Vaccine: delete the data (leaving the box blank)
  • Site Given: change this to “—None—“
  • Vaccine Batch Number: delete the data (leaving the box blank)
  • Vaccine Administration Status: change this to To Be Given
  • (Planned Administration Date: leave this field unchanged)
  • Actual Administration Date: delete the date (leaving the box blank)
  • Admin Consultation: delete the data (leaving the box blank)
  • Medical Centre: it is better to delete the data (leaving the box blank) but if you wish you may leave it unchanged (Inca Clinic will set it to the appropriate value when the vaccine is administered).
  • (Sequence in Schedule: leave this field unchanged)
  • (Day in Sequence: leave this field unchanged)
  • Payment Status: leave this as “To Be Invoiced” or change it to this value.

The result is:

The fields should look like this.

Do not change the following fields:

  • Planned Administration Date,
  • Sequence in Schedule,
  • Day in Schedule.

Press “Save”.

The status of the rabies administration has now been changed to To Be Given:

The status of the second rabies administration in the schedule has been changed to To Be Given

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