Searching for information in Inca Clinic

The Global Search facility searches for information on all types of data, e.g., records, patients, accounts, products and whatever else you configure it to search.

How your Global Search works depends on your search options, search terms, and the use of wildcards and operators.

Search Options

Search options allow you to choose one or more items, including tags and specific objects, to limit your searches to. You can also restrict your searches to records for which you are the owner and to divisions, if your organization uses them. The search options you select are saved until you change them again.

Search Terms

Search terms are treated as separate words and may be found in different searchable fields within a record. For example, searching for bob jones returns the patient Bob Jones, as well as the patient named Bob Smith whose email address is Search terms are separated by letter, number, and punctuation boundaries. For example, searching for acct!4 returns items with Acct, !, and 4, even if those terms are in separate places in the item.


If you'd like to conduct a phrase search to match multiple terms in the exact sequence that they appear, select Exact phrase in the Search Options or use quotations marks around your search terms.

Wildcards and Operators

You can use the * (asterisk) and ? (question mark) wildcards to refine results. Use * to match one or more characters, and ? to match a single character.

For example, searching for bob jo* finds patients Bob Jones and Bob Johnson, and searching for jo?n finds items with john and Joan.

You can also use the AND, OR, AND NOT, ( ) (parentheses), and ” ” (quotation marks) operators to refine results.

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