Granting Support Access to Incaplex

There may be occasions when Incaplex requires access to your Inca Clinic Org to provide support or to configure certain aspects of the application for you. This can be achieved without the need to provide us with a password, using the following steps when logged into Inca Clinic (only System Administrators can do this):

  1. click on “My Settings” under your name on the top right of the screen
  2. on the left hand side, click to expand “Personal”
  3. click on “Grant Account Login Access”
  4. Select a duration for Incaplex Support (make sure that you select the correct line)
  5. Click Save.

Incaplex support personnel will then be able to access your account and assist as required. Access automatically expires and you can explicitly end access at any time.

In the screenshot below, note that the Incaplex entry has been modified (the number of entries can differ from account to account):

 Grant Support Login to Incaplex

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