Main Healthcare Provider

If it is common to get referrals to your travel clinic from GP's/Primary Care Physicians you may wish to link the patient to the referring doctor. Here are the steps involved.

Creating a Healthcare Provider

The first step is to create an Associate Medical Centre account, this represents the surgery/office/medical practice that the doctor or doctors operate from.

  1. Click the Accounts tab
  2. Click 'New'
  3. Choose 'Patient Service Provider' as the account type
  4. Enter the name of the referring clinic in the Account Name field and add address and other contact details
  5. Press Save

Now that you have created an account for the practice you can associate doctors as a contact records

  1. Click 'New Contact' to associate a doctor with this clinic
  2. Choose the 'Healthcare Provider' contact record type
  3. Add the name of the doctor and any other details such an email address and phone number
  • You can associate multiple doctors with a referring clinic

Associating Patients with a Heathcare Provider

Once the Doctor 'contact' has been created you can link patients with them

Option 1

  1. Create a new patient record or open an existing patient.
  2. Double Click the 'Main Healthcare Provider' field and use the lookup icon to find the doctor

Option 2

  1. Use global search to find the doctor*
  2. In the contact record click the 'New Patient' button
  3. This will link the newly created patient with this doctor


  1. Click the Reports tab
  2. Search/Locate the Referring Doctor report.
  3. This will list of the clinics/doctors that referred patients to you and the patients they referred
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