The Medical Director

The Medical Director can edit all aspects of a patient's record, and importantly manage the vaccine, disease and country information contained in Inca. See Inca Clinic - Medical Configuration for more information on how to do this.

The Medical Director Profile is useful when the roles of System Administrator1) and the management of medical information are performed by different people. In small to medium sized clinics, the Medical Director and System Administrator are often one and the same.

The Medical Director has many but not all the abilities of a System Administrator. For example, the Medical Director Profile cannot add new users, or manage Inca Clinic licensing, etc.

Summary of Medical Director Roles

  1. Manage Vaccines, Vaccine Schedules, Contraindications, Prescriptions and Inca Products. See Inca Clinic - Medical Configuration.
  2. For travel clinics, manage the relationships between Countries and Diseases, including Risk Levels. See Inca Clinic - Medical Configuration.
  3. Edit and delete items (such as Prescriptions, Patient Medical Conditions, etc)2) that others cannot edit or delete.
  4. Perform all the roles of a Medic (Doctor or Nurse).
  5. Perform all the roles of a Frontdesk and Clinic Manager.
  6. Access all Reports and Dashboards. See Clinic Manager Reports and List of Medical Reports.
1) The System Administrator is the User that was created when someone first signed up to Inca Clinic.
2) Inca logs these actions.
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