Creating and Managing Invoices

How to Create an Invoice

You can create an invoices in Inca Clinic in one of two ways:

  1. From the Waiting Room
  2. On the full Patient Record page, select the Accounts tab and click the Generate Invoice button

Using the Waiting Room

As the last steps in a consultation, a medic indicates the next step for the patient. The medic can choose to indicate that the next step should be another Care Pathway or indicate that the patient is ready to be invoiced. This choice is reflected in the Waiting Room:

Waiting Room

The patient's status in the Waiting Room will change to Ready for Invoicing and the Generate Invoice button will appear. Any outstanding chargeable items will be added automatically to the generated invoice.

If you need to change the patient's status, click the Options link beside the patient's name.

Alternative Option: "Create an Invoice" button on the Patient Record

On a (full) patient's record page, select the Accounts tab and click the Create an Invoice button. Any outstanding chargeable items will be added automatically to the invoice.

Adding Products and Consultation Fees to an Invoice

When you open the Invoice page, you will be on the Add Products and Services tab. Type in the name of the Product you want to add (or type in just part of the name and a list will appear), set the quantity and click 'Add Product'. The list of products that appears depends on how you have configured the Product Rules for Inca Clinic.

Consultation Fee products are listed in a separate drop down list for easy access. To have a certain Consultation Fee appear as the first item, set it as the 'favourite' on the Product page.

Things to note on this invoice:

  1. The Vaccines that were added from the Invoice Queue cannot be removed from the Invoice or have their quantity changed.
  2. A Product Rule has been setup to prevent discounts of any Consultation Fee. This can be changed by the System Administrator.
  3. Other products, such as the Insect Repellent shown on the invoice, can have be discounted; also its quantity can be changed or it can be removed from the invoice.

Prepaying Vaccines

If it suits the patient, he/she can pay for vaccines in advance.

Prepaid Vaccine Selection

You can record the prepayment of a vaccine as follows:

  • Click the Prepay Vaccines tab.
  • You can add a specific future administration or all scheduled vaccines.
  • The selected vaccines get added to the invoice, with the wording “Prepaid” in brackets
  • You should then complete the rest of the invoice as normal

Inca Clinic 'remembers' that a vaccine has been prepaid and will not charge the patient again when that vaccine is given.

Prepaid Alert

NOTE: Once you save the invoice you will not be able to remove prepaid vaccines if you go back and edit them later.

Discounts and Adjustments tab

You can also set a discount on an individual item by first adding the item to the invoice and then using the drop-down list on the invoice line item. You can discount as many of the line items as you wish (but see the restriction explained later in this section).

Alternatively, you can click on the “Discounts and Adjustments” tab and choose a discount that will be applied individually to all line items that are on the invoice at that time.

Using Product Rules you can configure Inca to prevent discounts being applied to certain products, such as to Consultation Fees. This is important in some clinics because revenue has historically been lost because of excessive discounts.

Choosing a Price Book

Price Books allow you to charge a different price for a given product. For example, a corporate client may have a specific price for a product or there may be different VAT/GST rules you need applied to products and services.

You can set the price book used on the invoice in two ways:

  1. Click the 'change' link to the right of “Current Price Book” box at the top left of the Invoice page.
  2. Choose the price book you want to use and press “Apply”.

Multiple price books is an optional feature on Inca Clinic. If you wish to use this, please contact

Allocating an Invoice to an Account

Accounts in Inca manage a number of relationships, such as customers and suppliers. In the context of Invoicing, you can associate Invoices with two types of account:

  1. Individual Accounts
  2. Corporate Accounts

Each invoice in Inca has to be associated with one an account.

Individual Accounts

Individual Accounts are designed to manage individual patients. When creating an invoice for the patient, say Joe Bloggs, Inca Clinic automatically creates an Individual Account called Joe Bloggs, and, by default, invoices will be associated with that account. (It will also associate his Chart ID with that new account so that it knows which Joe Bloggs owns this account.)

The advantage of having Individual Accounts is that other people, such as Joe's family members, can allocate their invoices to his account. This allows family visits to result in one invoice, rather than an invoice for each patient. How do I associate a patient with a different account?

Corporate Accounts

A Corporate Account can be for a Company, NGO, College, School or Group (such as a cycling club) that uses the services of your clinic. If the Invoice is being paid for by a corporate, you should associate the person with the corporate account and ensure that this account is selected when the invoice is being created.

How to associate a Patient with an Account

Click the Which Account? tab on the Invoice page. Any accounts already associated with the patient will be listed, including the patient's individual account.

If the patient is called Joe Bloggs and the name of the Account is shown as “Joe Bloggs *New*”, this means that this Account has yet to be created but will be done once the Invoice is saved with Joe Bloggs *New* selected.

To associate another account, type the name of the account you want into the Choose an Account box. Select the account you want and Inca will ask you to confirm your selection. If the account you want does not exist, cancel the Invoice and create an Account by selecting the Accounts tab.

Once an account is associated with a patient, it will appear as an option on all future invoices until the association is disabled or deleted from the Patient Record.

NOTE: Individual Accounts also appear in this list, enabling you to associate groups of individual patients, such as family members. If you are dealing with an organised group, such as a cycling club, it's better to create a Corporate Account.

Associating Patients with an Account using the Patient Record Page

You don't need to wait until you are creating an invoice to associate a patient with an account. On the full Patient Record page, click the Accounts tab, and use New Patient Account Link button to associate the current patient with an account.

Choosing a Payment Method

Before you can save an invoice you must choose at least one payment method. You can use a number of payment methods, allowing the patient to pay the invoice using a combination of methods; for example, paying part by cash and and the remainder by credit card. The sum of the amounts entered in the set of payment method fields must equal the invoice total.

You must press the corresponding “Add” button to add each individual payment amount. Please allow the system time to up date the remote database between entering each payment method.

Tip: instead of entering a figure in one of the boxes in the Payment Amount column, you can double-click in the box. Inca Clinic will allocate the remaining amount to the select payment method. As before, you must press the corresponding “Add” button.

Saving, Committing and Emailing an Invoice

Finally press Save. Inca will check that you have entered the correct payment amount, and then save the invoice. You will then be redirected to the commit page.

The commit page allows you to make one final check that the Invoice is correct and that the payment has been successfully processed. On that page, you can, if you wish, print the invoice; but we encourage you to save paper and instead email the invoice to the patient. By default, Inca will email a PDF version of the invoice to the patient's email address and/or the Account that is paying for the invoice. If you wish, you can change the email address that the invoice is sent to.

If there is an issue, click I need to edit the invoice before committing it link. This will send you back to the Create Invoice page, allowing you to change it (Edit Mode).

Note: If you press the 'Cancel' button on the Invoice page while in Edit Mode then the Invoice will be saved and closed to further editing but the changes you made will not be saved.

Resending an Invoice

Later, you may wish to resend an invoice to a patient. This may arise, for example, if the patient deletes the original email and wishes to receive a new copy of the invoice. To do this:

  • Open the patient's record.
  • Go to the full patient record.
  • Click on the Account tab within that the patient's record.
  • Scroll down to the table that shows the past invoices for this patient.
  • Choose the invoice that you want to resend, and click on the Print link on that line. The page that opens provides a print preview and an option to email the invoice to the patient's email address or to another address of your choosing.

Making changes after an invoice is committed

If you later discover an issue with the invoice, you can:

  1. Use the 'View/Edit' link via the Account tab on the Patient Record (when viewing the Full Record).
  2. Issue a Credit Note. This is preferred method for managing refunds or applying credit notes to an account.
  3. Lastly, you can use the Sale Ledger to make further adjustments.


If you choose to use the use the 'View/Edit' option, Inca Clinic will update the Sales Ledger to reflect your adjustments. However the View/Edit option is best suited to changing payment methods or switching billing accounts. If additional goods are sold or returned it is better to create a new Invoice, using the 'Create New Invoice' button or create a Credit Note as appropriate.

There are a few things to be aware of adjusting committed invoices:

  1. You will need to manually adjust the Stock Ledger to reflect any additional/reduction on products sold.
  2. You will need to re-apply any discounts given.

The Invoice Queue

The Invoice Queue is sometimes useful for System Administrators if they need to remove an item that is waiting to be charged to a patient. Other users should not use the Invoice Queue; instead their actions on invoices should be to create, modify and save invoices using the Waiting Room or theAccounts tab on a patient's (full) record page. Even System Administrators should rarely have to use the Invoice Queue interface.

The Invoice Queue tab has an entry for each of the patients that need to be invoiced; for each such patient it records the currently outstanding chargeable items. Chargeable items, such as administered vaccines, prescriptions and laboratory tests, get added automatically to the Invoice Queue entry for a patient, for example when a vaccine is administered the Invoice Queue is updated. Items are removed automatically from the queue when an invoice is subsequently created and saved. NOTE: Prescriptions and Laboratory Tests only appear on an Invoice if they have a Sales Price is set.

Inca Clinic uses the Invoice Queue to determine the set of un-invoiced chargeable items for a patient. When the user clicks the Generate Invoice button on the Waiting Room the items in the Invoice Queue are added to the Invoice. When the Invoice is saved items in the Invoice Queue are deleted. The Invoice Queue tab gives you direct access to this data before an invoice is created.

How to use the Invoice Queue interface

The list of Invoice Queues can be seen by clicking on the Invoice Queue tab at the top of the page. If this tab does not appear on your screen, then you can click the ”+” symbol on the right of the list of tabs, and scroll down to find the Invoice Queue tab. If you wish, you can add Invoice Queue to your list of tabs (learn how).

Click on the Invoice Queue Name that you want to modify. This gives you a list of the items that are in the queue to be invoiced to that patient. You can remove an item, change the quantity, and add new items as you need.

NOTE: Once a Vaccine has been administered it will remain in the Invoice Queue for that patient until an invoice for that patient has been created and saved.

More Information

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Sales Ledger: Inca Clinic uses a double entry sales ledger to track debits and credits. It also allows adjustments to be made, such as specifying an openining balance.

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