Lab Orders and Investigations

You can order laboratory tests and investigations using the Laboratory Order step in a Care Pathway.

Any Products categorised as Laboratory Tests will be available from the search box or as a quick-link button.

If you check the favorite box on the Product details page of a given test/investigation it will appear as one of the blue 'quick-link' buttons on the 'Laboratory Tests' Care Pathway step. This is useful for selecting commonly ordered labs/investigations.

Lab Orders: start

Alternatively, you can type part of the name into the text box:

Lab Orders: typing part of a name

Adding Results

If you wish to record the results of the tests you add them via the Patient Record page.

Lab Order and Prescriptions tab

  1. Open the patient record.
  2. Click the Prescriptions and Lab Orders tab.
  3. If you have the appropriate permissions, you will see a list of Prescriptions and Lab tests that have been given or ordered for the patient.
  4. To update or add the results of a laboratory test, click the Edit link. (If you don't see the Edit link, you do not have the appropriate permissions).

Add Lab Results

Enter the result and check the Result Received check box. This is good practice as it allows you to run reports and workflows to check which orders are still outstanding

Attaching scanned results

You can also scan the results of a Lab Test using the attach file feature on the patient's record.

Linking a patient to a testing laboratory

If you use an external laboratory or medical facility to provide services you can add the Patient Id from this medical service provider using the Identifiers tab on the patient's record. Steps:

  1. Create an Account using the Patient Service Provider type or use an existing Lab/Medical Provider.
  2. Click the Identifiers tab on the Patient Record.
  3. Click Add Identifier.
  4. Type in the name of the external provider. Inca will auto-complete your search.
  5. In the External Identifier field, enter the ID used by the other service provider.
  6. Type a note if you wish.
  7. Press Save.

Saving this information makes it possible to run reports of the providers that you use and how many patients that they have seen/processed.

Advanced Features

Inca Clinic has workflow and approval features that can be configured to help you manage laboratory tests. For example, Inca Clinic can be configured to email a reminder 5 days after a test has been ordered if no result has been received. For more information, contact

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