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Patient Communicator

The Patient Communicator allows you to contact your travel patients based on a wide range of criteria. For example, you can send a news alert to your patients travelling in Thailand. But probably the most important use is the ability to send reminders to patients to come back to complete vaccine schedules or come back for boosters. In this way Inca Clinic more than pays for itself Learn more

Vaccine Management

  • The level of detail displayed on the Vaccine Grid and Vaccine History have been increased. It now shows both administered and planned vaccine dates, batch numbers, administration sites and the person that gave each vaccine.
  • Schedule Alerts have been added to the Vaccine Administration page. These highlight conflicts when a planned vaccine schedule is now out of date.

Improvements to the Vaccine Scheduler

The Vaccine Scheduler:

  • Now displays information on how the patient's itinerary influences the vaccines suggested for administration.
  • Allows you to add “Contraindicated” as a reason why a vaccine was not scheduled for a patient.
  • New alerts can be shown for the following:
    • Sero-conversion status is confirmed
    • The patient is already covered for a disease
    • The administration is planned for under the minimum number of days before departure. (Note: the minimum number of days needs to set on the vaccine, using the Inca Product tab.)

Learn More about the Vaccine Scheduler

Vaccine History:

  • Vaccine History records the source of information where the patient reports that he or she has received a vaccine in the past. This information is also displayed on the tool-tip in the Vaccine Cover graphic.

Consultation Summary

  • The Consultation Summary now displays the status of all vaccine schedules, not just those administered during the current visit.
  • The layout has been improved to present the information more clearly.
  • The Vaccine Grid is always available for viewing.

Better Information for Medical Directors

  • A new page, the Risk Level Visualizer, helps Medical Directors to review and manage country and disease risk levels. Available from the Inca Administration tab, it allows a medical director to view and configure the risk levels associated with the diseases in a given country or world region. This makes it very simple, for example, to see what countries have Yellow Fever as a requirement and to change this where required.

  • Easier management of Primary, Booster schedules: choose a vaccine from the list of Inca Products (or use Global Search) and use the Manage Vaccine Options to view/add/edit Primary, Booster and other schedules associated with the vaccine. First link the Vaccine to the Diseases it covers and then use this feature to manage the schedule and cover level provided.
  • System Administrators and Medical Directors can now edit and delete Consultations. These deletions are audited.

Invoicing and Accounts

  • Clinics that charge VAT/GST can enter the final sales price of an item and Inca will calculate the pre-tax price. This simplifies the task of setting prices.
  • Consultations and Invoices are now linked behind the scenes, allowing you to run reports such as the income generated by each medic.

Care Pathways

  • Each Care Pathway can have a “follow-on Care Pathway”. When the first Care Pathway finishes, the Consultation Summary will have the follow-on Care Pathway pre-selected. This is useful, for example, if the doctors in your clinic do the consultation but the nurses administer the vaccines. It ensures that the Waiting Room is updated with the next appropriate step for the patient’s visit.
  • You can now associate a default consultation fee with a Care Pathway. If a Care Pathway is used during the patient’s visit, the consultation fee is automatically added to the invoice. Learn more

Other features

  • Record referrals: you can create a new type of Contact called a Health Care Provider and associate patients with this contact. This is useful if your clinic gets patients referred from other medics. To access this feature, click the Plus icon to the right of the last tab and click the Contact link, or click Manage Tabs and add Contacts as a tab for your profile.
  • The Waiting Room has been changed to allow better reporting of each patient's time spent in the clinic. If multiple Care Pathways were used in one visit, you can analysis the time spent in each.
  • You can now access the price list directly from the Inca Administration tab.
  • If you have done a mass flu vaccine clinic at a company, the task of adding possibly hundreds of new patient records and their vaccine schedule is pretty daunting. The Bulk Patient-Vaccination Uploader solves the problem. Learn more

Medical Information and Advice

  • Medical Staff can add and update the Patient Medical History on the Patient record using the same interface as used in a consultation.
  • Medical conditions have a gender-specific field. When set, the medical condition only appears if the patient is of a given gender. Pregnancy is a good example; making the setting Female prevents the condition appearing as an option for male patients.
  • Vaccines and Medication now have a Patient Leaflet field. You can use this to add Patient friendly information on the vaccine/medication.
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