Entering a patient's medical history

The Medical History step allows you to record medical conditions, history and medication associated with the patient. The blue Quick Link buttons can be configured to display the conditions most commonly recorded in your clinic. Learn More about configuring medical conditions.

 Medical Terms Basic Guide

Aluminium Allergy, Asthma and Diabetes can be added by pressing the first three buttons, and pressing the Save Medical Conditions button:

Medical History choosing common conditions

You can record when each condition first occurred, and add a note to any of them. By default, each condition is labelled as Active (note that instead of later deleting a condition, it can be marked as inactive).

Typing a Condition Name

Not all conditions are available via the blue Quick Link buttons, so a condition can also be entered by typing some part of its name into the text box, and then choosing from the matches shown:

Medical History typing a condition's name

As before, the new condition needs to be saved before it is recorded.

Add a new Medical Condition

If you cannot find the term you are looking for then you can add a new one to the list.

When a user adds a new condition to the list, the condition's 'Active' checkbox on the Medical History management page is set to false. This helps avoid cluttering the Medical Terms with once-off or perhaps misspelt terms Also, when a new term is added, the Medical Director and Systems Administrator will receive an email informing them that a new term has been entered; if they wish they can make the term Active so that it appears as a searchable condition. He or she can also mark it so that it appears on the Quick Link list.

IMPORTANT: One of the reasons for the email to the Medical Director is to ensure that a misspelt term for a condition has not been entered. Another is to provide an opportunity to associate the term as a contraindication to some of the vaccines in the system.

Managing Medical Terms

If you are a Systems Administrator or Medical Director, you can add and update the library of medical terms used in Inca Clinic. The Medical Configuration page explains this in more detail.

This is the Medical Terms management page; it is used to determine which medical terms appear and where. The 'Active' and 'User Defined' fields are new to Inca Clinic Autumn 12 and may not appear on the pages of some existing users. This requires adding the 'Active' and 'User Defined' fields. To do this, follow the steps on this help article about page layouts, or contact support@incaplex.com for assistance.

Manage Medical Terms

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