Managing Page Layouts in Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic allows you to add, remove and change the location of certain fields that appear on some of the screens. You can even make certain fields required, so that a value has to be input. The ability to change the layout of certain pages is one of the features and benefits of using the underlying platform.

Salesforce provides documentation on this feature here and this Editing Page Layout video takes you through the principles of changing the layout of a page. There is also a 1 minute introductory video on the Page Layout editor. See the image below.

Feature Upgrades: Sometimes new features in Inca Clinic require additional fields to be visible on a page. If this is the case we will assist you in making the changes at no expense, just email

Inca Clinic Customization services

Inca Clinic provides a lot of flexibility but we recognise that taking advantage of these features requires a certain amount of technical skill. We provide a customization service through which we can help you configure Inca Clinic to suit your requirements. If you would like more information, please email

If you feel comfortable making the adjustments, the rest of this help page outlines the steps involved.

How to Edit a Page Layout

  1. Login in as the System Administrator.
  2. Click the Edit Layout link on the top right of the page; if the link does not appear then adjusting the layout of that page may not be possible.

When the editor appears, watch the short video to get some basic instructions.

Edit the Patient Record page layout

It is possible to edit the layout of the patient record page. However, you must access the page layout editor in a different way:

  1. Click you name on the top right of the page.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Under App Setup, click Create to expand its sub-menu.
  4. Click Objects.
  5. Locate Patient on the list of objects on the main part of the page, and click the link.
  6. Scroll down the page until you locate the Page Layouts section.
  7. Click the Edit link adjacent to the Patient Layout entry.
  8. This brings you to the editor. Patient Layout is the main layout used on the Patient tab. (Simple Patient Layout is used in a consultation when you click the Edit Patient link.)

A Related Lists displays records that are associated with the record you are currently viewing. For example, on the Accounts page you can see all Invoices, Credit Notes and Sales Ledger entries associated with the Account; these are Related Lists.

You can reorder, add and remove related lists to suit your preferences. You can also add, remove and order the fields that appear on the related lists.

 Related Lists

The above image shows the related list in the Page Layout designer.

  • To add a related list, choose one from the related lists at the top of the designer page by clicking in the Related List option.
  • To remove a related list, click the circle icon on the related list that is to be removed. See the image above.
  • To edit the fields that appear on the related list, click the spanner icon. A dialog appears in which you can select the fields and their order of appearance.

NOTE: You can add buttons to the related lists to allow for the creation of new records. This may not be appropriate in all cases; please contact for advice.

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