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Patient Assessment Questionnaires

Patient Assessment Questionnaires can be created and linked with specific Care Pathways to suit the requirements of the consultation, For example a Care Pathway called 'Occupational Health' can be linked to a Patient Assessment Questionnaire appropriate to an Occ Health consultation.

In addition you can create a Patient Assessment Questionnaire for patients booking an appointment. When the patient books an appointment an email can be automatically sent with a link that enables the patient to complete their contact details and submit a Patient Health Assessment appropriate prior to their visit. See Appointment Booking or Pre Visit Confirmation

Questions on Patient Assessment Questionnaire support a wide range of question types from simple Yes/No to multi-choice responses, text input, dates and fields. Each question can be configured to request additional information if certain responses are submitted.

Health Assessment Questionnaire

The basic workflow is to create a questionnaire and then link a set of questions to it, choosing from a list of questions your have created. Inca Clinic comes with sample list of questions, which you can add to or modify.

TIP: When updating or creating Patient Assessment Questionnaires it's useful to add two tabs to Inca Clinic: the Questionnaires tab and the Questions tab. Then if you need a new Question while creating a Questionnaire you can easily click on the Questions tab, forumlate the question and the click on the Questionnaires tab to add the question to the questionnaire you're working on. 1)

Questions Types

You can create several types of questions: 2)

  • Radio: choose only one, for example Yes or No,
  • Text: Short text, for example a GP's Name,
  • Checkboxes: multiple selection boxes (the user can click on as many of the answers as applies to him or her),
  • TextArea: large text box, for example a GP's Address,
  • Date: Stores dates and displays a calendar so that a date can be chosen.

For Radio and Checkboxes: enter the options divided by a semicolon e.g. Yes;No;Maybe

Sample Question

Other settings

  • Answers to Elaborate causes a prompt for more information. For example Yes;Maybe will cause a prompt (a box) for more information to appear if these answers are checked.
  • Extra information overrides the text for the prompt box.

Associating Questions with Patient Assessment Questionnaires

Patient Assessment Questionnaire tab

  1. Click on the Questionnaire tab
  2. Click on the 'New Patient Questionnaire Question Association' button

 Link a Question

  1. Use the Question lookup icon to select a question. 3)
  2. Choose a Category
  3. Enter the order number that the question is to appear within that Category
  4. click 'Save' or click 'Save & New' to add more questions

Ordering Questions on a Patient Assessment Questionnaires

You can order the questions using the order field.

You can also divide the questionnaire into sections using the Questionnaire Category dropdown list. If you use the Categories then the questions can be ordered within these sections. For example: Category 1: Q1,Q2,Q3; Category 2: Q1,Q2,Q3 etc.

Adding more Question Categories

To add more question categories:

  • Click Setup
  • Go to App Setup - Create - Objects
  • Click on 'Questionnaire Question Association' object
  • In Custom Fields list click on 'Questionnaire Category'
  • Go to the Picklist Values list
  • Use Add or Reorder as required. The Order in the picklist determines the order the section appears on Questionnaires.

Removing associated questions

To remove an association between a question and a questionnaire:

  • view the Questionnaire
  • click the Del link adjacent to the question.

Removing an association in this way does not affect the answers given on previously saved assessments. For example, if the question 'Are fit and healthy today?' is removed it does not remove the question or answers given on past assessments that have been completed.

More Information

2) Health Metric is a future idea - for special data input like BMI, BP etc
3) TIP: type in a couple of words and add the '*' wildcard before, after, or before and after the search words. This will narrow the list of questions e.g. entering 'Are you*' will find questions like 'Are you well today?', 'Are you pregnant?' etc
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