Enabling Patients to Book Online

Initial Configuration

In order for your patients to be able to see the Booking page you need to turn on a feature called Sites:

  1. Login to Inca Clinic as the System Administrator
  2. Click Setup under your name (or to the right of your name) at the top right of the screen
  3. On the left hand side, expand the Develop menu and click Sites

Setup your domain name

First enter a name for your site; typically this is the name of your business or travel clinic, e.g MyTravelClinic. This will be used to create a unique web address for your booking web site

Setup Sites

It may take a few minutes for the Site to be provisioned; if there is a delay you will get notification by email when it is ready.

Once the Site is provisioned, click 'New'to create a new Site:

New Site

Give the Site a name e.g. OnlineBooking

Setup Online Booking

Key Fields to Enter

  • To make the site visible to the public, Active must be checked. Unchecking Active takes the site offline.
  • The Active Site Home Page must be set to OnlineBooking. To do this click the lookup icon (to the right), scroll down to OnlineBooking, select this and then click Go.
  • Ensure the 'Inactive Site Home Page is set to InMaintance and the Site Template is set to SiteTemplate.
  • Clickjack Protection Level: if you plan to embedded your booking page in an iFrame then 'Allow framing by any page (no protection)' must be selected. Otherwise choose 'Allow framing by the same origin only (recommended)'.
  • It is suggested you check the https option.
  • If you have a Google Analytics account, enter the code in the 'Analytics Tracking Code' field to check the performance of the booking page.

Once you have entered the necessary details click 'Save'. This will bring you back to the Site Detail page. Remain on this page so that you can setup the necessary permissions needed to allow the public to book appointments

Setting up Permissions

Now you need to enable patients to use the Online Booking features. There are 2 stages:

1. Enable Contact details to be saved

Return to the Site Details page. (It may be a few pages back in your browser's history. You'll see a 'Public Access Settings” button at the top. Alternatively, you can click on Sites within the Develop menu on the left hand side and then click on the new site that you have created.)

Do the following

  1. On the Site Details page, click the 'Public Access Settings' button.
  2. Click 'Object Settings' in the Apps panel.
  3. Click 'Accounts' on the next screen and then the 'Edit' button.
  4. Check 'Read' (i.e., enable) in the Object Permissions panel.
  5. Under the Field Permissions list uncheck all items in the Read column that are available for editing.
  6. Press 'Save' (at the top of the screen).
  7. Select the Contacts object (to select Contacts, use the dropdown under Accounts at the top of the screen):
  8. Click the 'Edit' button.
  9. Check (i.e., enable) the 'Create' checkbox in the Object Permissions panel.
  10. In the Field Permission list:
    1. Give Account Name Read permissions.
    2. Give Edit permissions to all fields as shown in this screen shot; all others should be unchecked if they are editable.
  11. Double check your entries and then press 'Save' when done.

2. Enable appointment and travel Itinerary details to be saved

  1. On the Site Details page click the 'Public Access Settings' button
  2. Now click the 'Assigned Users' button
  3. You will see an entry for a user called 'Site Guest User,OnlineBooking'. (This name may vary depending on what you called the site.) Guest is a special user account for public pages.
  4. Click on Full Name entry; this brings you to the User details page for the Guest User.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Click Edit, scroll down and change the Time Zone field to match your timezone. Click Save when this is done.
  6. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments list. Click Edit Assignments within this section.
  7. Select 'Online Bookings' from the left-hand list and add to the right-hand list. Press 'Save'.

Optional Settings

  • You can change the name of the User to something more meaningful, such as 'Online Bookings'.

Online Booking Modes

Once your Online Booking site has been created you can use the Online Booking in one of three modes:

Available Modes

  1. Appointment Booking Only: This is the default and allows patients to select an appointment time, enter their contact details, travel itinerary and complete a health assessment.
  2. Booking Request Only: This provides the patient with the option to request up to 3 appointment times and enter their contact details. In this mode, the clinic will recieve an email with the details submitted, but no appointments will be auotmatically made. Staff within the clinic will have to create appointments after the check the details in the emails they receive.
  3. Allowing Both Options: This provide users with the option to select Appointment Booking or Booking Request. This is useful where you allow patients to book for certain types of appointments and make requests for other services.

Manage Settings

To adjust how the Online Booking page behaves, you can change the entries in the Inca Preferences Custom Setting:

  1. Login in as the System Administrator or as user with permission to adjust custom settings
  2. Click Setup (depending on your system, this could be to the right of your name at the top of the screen, or it may be under your name)
  3. Expand the Develop menu and click on Custom Setting
  4. Locate Inca Preferences and click Manage (to its left)
  5. Click the appropriate Edit button to change its setting


  • AppointmentCustomURL: Used if a custom URL is active on your Inca Clinic Account
  • AppointmentDefaultSlot: Edit the number to increase/decrease the default length of an apppointment.
  • AppointmentIgnoreTimeZone: For future use.
  • AppointOnlineAssessment: Edit the text to the name of the Questionniare presented to the patient.
  • AppointmentOnlineAttendeeTimeWeighting: Increases the Appointment Slot length on the Online Booking page. addAfterAttendee sets the number of attendees after which the time slot is extended. minutesToAdd is the number in minutes the slot is extended. E.G> {“addAfterAttendee”:2, “minutesToAdd”:10} increases the slot time by 10 minutes once the number attendees exceeds 2. USE CAUTION when editing these values only change the number values.
  • AppointmentOnlineBookingDefaultSlot: Edit the number to adjust the length of time slots are presented to patients. It is recommended this matches AppointmentDefaultSlot or is an equal division. e.g. if AppointmentDefaultSlot is 15 minutes this value should be 15 or 30. If this is set to say 20 you may end up with 5 minute gaps in the appointment diary which is not optimal
  • AppointmentOnlineBookingTimeOut: The length of time in minutes the patient has to complete a booking. The maximum time is 60 minutes. When time has expire the booking is deleted if has not been completed.
  • AppointmentOnlineDisplayMode: Determines the Booking Mode as described above. Edit the Text field as required. Options are: All (Both Modes), AppointmentOnly, RequestOnly
  • AppointmentOnlineMaxAttendees Sets the maximum number of attendees allowed. Default is 1. Use this in conjunction with AppointmentOnlineAttendeeTimeWeighting
  • AppointmentOnlineMessage: This is the message that is dsiplayed on the header of the booking page. Edit the Text Area field.
  • AppointmentOnlineRequestEmail: Enter the email address Booking Requests are sent to in the Text field.

Making Clinics and Clinic Rooms Available

Once your Online Booking site is setup and you have decided which Mode and other settings to use, you are ready to make 'Rooms' within your clinic available for online bookings. There are two settings you need to adjust.

Making a Medical Centre publically available

  1. Click on the Inca Administration tab
  2. Click the Medical Centres link in the Clinic Setup and Support panel
  3. Click on the link to the Medical Centre you wish to make public
  4. To make a Medical Centre available, click Edit and then check the 'Display to Public' check box, 1). This enables the Medical Centre to be listed in Booking Request Only mode and is needed to make rooms visible for Appointment Booking mode.

Making Medical Centre Rooms available for Bookings

If you are using Appointment Booking mode you need to make Medical Centre Rooms within the Medical Centre visible. Inca Clinic allows a Medical Centre to have any number of Rooms into which appointments can be made. You can decide which are available to accept Online Bookings from Patients:

  1. On the Medical Centre detail page, click the link to an existing Medical Centre Room or click New to create a new room.
  2. Check the 'Make Public' checkbox to make Rosters associated with this room available for Online Bookings. 2)

Display Travel Plans

The third step on the Online Booking page asks the user about their planned destination, when they are travelling and so on. You can also request them to select information on accomodation, activies and the nature of the visit. The list is managed by the Itinerary Categories list in Inca Administration tab. Again you need to decide which Itinerary Categories are visible. This is done by checking the 'Public' check box. 3)

Adding the Booking page to your Web Site

Once your booking page is configured you can make it available to your patients.. This section is useful for the people who manage your web site. The public web page will have an address similar to this https://myclinic.secure.force.com/onlinebooking. NOTE: The extact url will depend on how you configured your domain see Domain Setup

Using an iFrame

The easiest way to make your page available from your web site is to use an iFrame with the URL pointed to your booking site. Using an iFrame allows you to use your own web sites branding and logos.

By default, when you navigate to the online booking page the patient is presented with a dropdown list of clinics and rooms. If you have only one clinic or you wish to make direct links from your main web site to your various clinic locations, you can pass in the id of the Medical Centre and Room. NOTE: Pass on this information to your web site administrator; they will understand how to use the information in this section.

Example: https://myclinic.secure.force.com/onlinebooking will display the Online Booking page with a dropdown list of clinics with rooms available for booking

If you wish to create a direct link to the room without displaying the dropdown, list pass in two parameters into the URL. m=<MedicalCentreId>&r=<roomid>. Example: https://myclinic.secure.force.com/onlinebooking?m=a0R90000004hIDr&r=a1S90000000mO6z4) will bring the patient straight to the booking page.

How get the id of the Medical Centre and Room

First the Medical Centre and associate room must be publically available

  1. Click on the Inca Administration tab.
  2. Click Medical Centres and click on the Medical Centre name in the list.
  3. Copy the id from your web browsers address bar. The id will look something like this a0R90000004hIDr. Paste this into a text editor of your choice.
  4. Click on the Room from the Medical Centre Rooms list.
  5. Copy the id from your web browsers address bar. The id will look something like this a1S90000000mO6z. Paste this into a text editor of your choice.
  6. Using you text editor copy and paste in the url of your online booking page e.g. https://myclinic.secure.force.com/onlinebooking.
  7. Paste this link into your web browser and test that it brings you to the correct room.

You can now use this link on your main web site to construct your own navigation links and buttons to the various rooms in your clinic.

Display Announcements to Patients

You can display 3 types of announcements to patients when they access the booking page

  1. Page Level Public Announcement: This is displayed regardless of the clinic selected. This is set in the Text Area field of AppointmentOnlineMessage (which is an Inca Preferences Custom Setting). This is ideal for displaying your booking line phone number and other information that does not change very often.
  2. Location Level Public Announcement (Normal Priority): This is an announcement specific to the Medical Centre selected. The message text is set in the Public Announcement field on the Medical Centre details page. A Normal status just displays the message at the top of the booking page.
  3. Location Level Public Announcement (High Priority): If the Priority field is set to 'High' the Public Announcement is displayed as a popup dialog. The patient must accept the details of the message before they can use the online booking service.

Inca Clinic users can see the Location Level Public Announcements on the Appointments tab so that they are made aware of what the patient is seeing.

Sending Pre-Visit Confirmation Emails

In conjunction or instead of allowing patients choose and book their appointment times you can allow Users to send a confirmation email to the patient when an Appointment is made. This email can contain link that allows the patient confirm their contact details, complete a health assessment and (optionally) their travel itinerary. See Care Pathways and Online Appointments to learn more

How to use the Itinerary and Patient completed Questionnaire in a Consultation

Online Booking allows the patient to book their own appointment time and complete their itinerary and a health questionnaire. The itinerary can be used on the Travel Itinerary step in the consultation and the health assessment completed by the patient is also available for review.

Inca Clinic uses Consultation Templates which allow you to save the Itinerary details for one patient for use in a later consultation. The Online Booking feature uses Consultation Templates to carry the patients itinerary from the Online Booking into the consultations.

  1. Add the patient to the Waiting Room in the normal way.
  2. Locate the patient on the Waiting Room screen and choose the Consultation Template from the dropdown. It will be named after the Patient and the Date of their appointment e.g. Richard Smith (16/10/2016) 16 Oct 2016.
  3. Once you have selected the template, click Start Consultation.
  4. On the Travel Itinerary step a blue banner indicates that this itinerary has been created using a template. You are free to make any modifications to the itinerary, i.e., change dates, add/remove countries, etc. Once you've made the adjustments click Save in the normal way.
  5. To access the questionnaire that the patient completed online:
    1. During a consultation: click the link containing the Patient's name and Age. This will list any questionnaires that have been completed. Click a questionnaire to view the responses. At the moment the online questionnaire is the same as the one used in the consultation, however we can have two separate questionnaires if that is required. You are also free to complete the questionnaire again. You decide the protocol.
    2. (Outside of a consultation: view the patient's record and scroll down to the section containing questionnaires.)
  6. Complete the consultation in the normal way and click Finish
  7. On the right of the Consultation Summary page, you'll see the details of the template that was used during the consultation. If you don't plan to use the Consultation Template again then click the 'delete this template' link.

More Information

1) If you don't see the field you may need to add it to the page page layout. Click Your Name - Setup - App Setup - Create - Objects. Click the Medical Centre link and scroll down until you reach the Page Layout list. Click the Edit link beside the Medical Centre Page Layout entry. Drag the 'Display to Public' field from the top onto the page, and click Save.
2) If you don't see the field you may need to add it to the page page layout. Click Your Name - Setup - App Setup - Create - Objects. Click the Medical Centre Rooms link and scroll down until you reach the Page Layout list. Click the Edit link beside the Medical Centre Rooms Page Layout entry. Drag the 'Make Public' field from the top onto the page and click Save.
3) If you don't see the field you may need to add it to the page page layout. Click Your Name - Setup - App Setup - Create - Objects. Click the Itinerary Categories link and scroll down until you reach the Page Layout list. Click the Edit link beside the Page Layout entry. Drag the 'Public' field from the top onto the page and click Save.
4) This particular link does not work; it's for illustration purposes only
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