Patient Reminders Generator

The Patient Reminder Generator allows users to create reminder for patients. Currently this feature allows the creation of Vaccine Schedule and Vaccine Cover Expiry emails to be send to the patient. Reminders can be generated from two places the Communications tab on the Full Patient Record page and the Consultation Summary.

Once a reminder is generated its queued to be send via email on the despatch date specified. Once sent the patient records activity log is updated to indicate that a message was sent.

Generating Reminders

In this example the medic generates a reminder to be sent to the patient at the end of the consultation. To create a reminder click the Generate Reminders button on the right of the Consultation Summary page. The dialog that appears lets you review the default message that will be sent. This includes the dates of the next set of vaccine administrations due and when cover is estimated to expire on the patients completed vaccine schedules. The default despatch date is calculated to be send 5 days before the next vaccine is due to be given.

Vaccine Reminder

Overriding the default message

By unchecking the'Generate Remnder Automatically..' box you can edit the message and change the planned despatch date. For example you may wish to reminder the patient to ask about a blood result test or remind them to bring in their vaccine record on the next visit

Managing Patient Reminders Settings

System Administrators, and those with permission to access the Inca Administration tab, can monitor and manage the Patient Reminder feature by clicking on 'Patient Reminders' link in the 'Clinic Setup and Support' panel.

When you start using Inca Clinic, or if your account has just been updated, you need to enable the Patient Reminder feature by clicking the 'Enable Reminders' button. Once enabled the button text will change to 'Disable Reminders'. Clicking this button again will stop the reminder being sent to patients.

Configuring email templates

Before using the Patient Reminders feature you should check that you are happy with the content of the email being sent to patients. Two templates are used 'Admin Reminder' and 'Cover Expiry Reminder'. The first is used for reminding patients on ongoing schedules, the latter when cover has expired and no schedules are ongoing.

To review and edit the templates:

  1. Login as the System Administrator
  2. Click on [your name] on the top right and select 'Setup'
  3. Click on Administration Setup
  4. Click Communication Templates
  5. Click Email Templates
  6. Open the 'Inca Email Templates' folder
  7. Click the template you wish to edit

You can edit the text in the template by clicking the 'Edit HTML Version' button. DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE the text in curly braces {} as this is used to place the reminder details in the outgoing email.

To change the colours and logo used on the email you need to update the Letterhead

Deciding who can send reminders

You can control which users can and cannot generate reminders. When a new User is created or if you account has been upgraded you need to explicitly give that user the ability use the Patient Reminder feature. Use the following steps

  1. Login as the System Administrator
  2. Click on [your name] on the top right and select 'Setup'
  3. Click on 'Manage Users' under 'Administration Setup'
  4. Click on the name of the User that you wish to have permission to use the Patient Reminder feature
  5. On the User details page scroll down to the 'Permission Set Assignments' and click 'Edit Assignments'
  6. From the 'Available Permission Sets' list select 'Patient Reminders' and add it to the 'Enable Permission Sets' list
  7. Click 'Save'

Repeat Steps 4 to 7 for each user that you wish to use use the Patient Reminders feature. If you have any problems configuring this step please email

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