Price Books

Price Books allow a product (such as a vaccine) to have more than one price associated with it. Inca Clinc comes with one Price Book called “Standard”; this is the default price book and it is used for an Corporate Account if no other Price Book is set.

If it is enabled on your Inca Clinic account you can create additional Price Books and associate them with a Corporate Account. You can also select the Price Book on the Invoice page.

When you create a Price Book you can associate a Corporate Account with it. Later, when an invoice is created you have the option to associate that invoice to a Corporate Account; if there is a Price Book associated the prices in that Price Book will be used instead of those in the “Standard” Price Book.

By using Price Books you can provide special pricing structure for groups like NGO's or corporate clients. You can also handle situations where corporate clients must be charged VAT/GST but private patients must not be.

Multiple Price Books are not enabled by default on Inca Clinic please contact for more information.

Things you need to know about using Price Books

  1. There must be one Default Price Book and each product must have a price in the Default Price Book if it is to appear on an invoice, $0 is acceptable if this is appropriate.
  2. If an alternative Price Book is selected for an invoice and that Price Book does not have a price for a given item, the price in the Default Price Book is used
  3. If a Corporate Account is selected on the invoice page the associated Price Book is used. The default Price Book is used if no alternative is set on the Corporate Account
  4. On the Invoice you can also select an alternative Price Book, this overrides the selected Corporate Price Book if a Corporate Account is selected.

Creating a Price Book

You must a System Administration to create a price book:

  1. Click the Inca Administration tab.
  2. Under the Accounts and Finance section, choose Price Books.
  3. Click New 'Price Book.
  4. Enter a name and ensure it is Active.
  5. Click Save.

Using a Price Book

Review each product in Inca and add a price that is associated with the new price book:

  1. Search for or use the Inca Product tab to select a product.
  2. Scroll to the Price table.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the screen that appears, enter the price information.
  5. Choose the Price Book you want to update and press Save. As well as setting the price, you can also decide if VAT/GST is charged and at what rate.
  6. Press Save when done.

The final step is to choose the Accounts that will use this price book:

  1. Open the Account.
  2. Locate the Price Book field.
  3. Double Click and use the Lookup to select the a Price Book.
  4. Press Save.

Later, when an invoice is allocated to this account, it will use the Price Book that has been associated with the account. If an account has no associated Price Book, the default (“Standard”) price book is used.

Further Tips

  • All Products need to have an entry in the default (“Standard”) price book; if the product doesn't have an entry in the default price book it won't appear on the invoice!
  • An invoice can only use one price book at a time.

More Information

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