Managing Products in Inca

Products in Inca are divided into 5 Product types:

  • Vaccines
  • Medication
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Travel Products, and
  • Consultation Fees.

Like Accounts, the Product type you choose influences the fields that are available on the page and what lists the product appears on.

To access the Products in Inca, click on the Inca Products tab. By default, the products you most recently viewed will be listed.

Inca comes preloaded with the travel vaccines and travel related medication of leading manufacturers such as GSK. However, you may need to edit some of the vaccine names to suit local branding. The preloaded vaccines and medication already have the main schedules and contraindication configured for you. You must update and change these to suit your own local guidelines, and check them for accuracy.

Checking the Accuracy of Vaccine Information

It is highly recommended that you review the Vaccine Schedule and Contraindication reports. To do this, click on the Reports tab and scroll down to Inca Clinic - Medical Configuration section. This report shows you what contraindications are associated with vaccines, the default vaccines used for a disease and the vaccines primary, booster and accelerated schedules. You must check this for accuracy and make changes to suit your own protocols and preferences.

Understanding Product Types

Inca supports 5 kinds of Products, as explained in the following subsections. Most to the fields are self explanatory.

Consultations Fees

Consultation Fees appear on Add the Consultation Fee drop-down list on the Invoice page. The Consultation Fee that you set as the favourite will appear as the first item on the list.

Inca comes pre-configured with discounting disabled for Consultation Fees; this means Consultation Fees don't receive discounts applied to the rest of the Invoice. Learn more about Discount and Product Rules.

Associate a Consultation Fee with a Care Pathway

Inca Clinic allows you to organise the steps in a Consultation into Care Pathways. If you want a certain Consultation fee associated with a Care Pathway use the 'Default Consultation Fee' field on Manage Care Pathway page. This will add the associated consultation fee to the invoice anytime the Care Pathway is used.

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Test products appear on the Order Laboratory Tests consultation step.


To have a Lab Test get automatically added to an invoice when ordered in a consultation set a sale price for the test

Quick List

To have a Lab Test appear as one the blue quick list items check the 'Favorite' checkbox on the details page for the test

Medication Products

Inca comes with the main travel medication pre-loaded. You can add additional medication if you wish.


Medication appears on the Prescribe Medication step in the a consultation. The dosage (mitte), directions (sig) and Product Description fields appear on the prescription given to the patient. The value in the Dosage field acts as the default value, which can then be changed when you are prescribing the medication.


If you want medication to be addd to an invoice when it is prescribed then give the medication a price. It is advised that you price the medication on per tablet basis. In this way if you 'break' a pack the price is calculated correctly. Example: Say a box of anti-malarial tablets comes in a box of 12 and sells for €36.00 set the price at €3.00. In this way if you prescribe 18 by splitting a pack the invoice will correctly calculate the price of the medication as 18 x €3.00 = €54.00.

Displaying Medication in the Common list

To make the system faster to use, medication with the Favourite field checked will appear on the Common list on the Prescription page in a consultation. Also, you can use the Product Category field to organise your medication into groups, which will appear on the Prescription page in a consultation


This is a catch-all product type used for Travel Accessories and similar products.


Vaccines products can be selected by the Vaccine Scheduler and can be associated with Diseases and Contraindications. Like Medication, Inca comes preloaded with the most common travel vaccines. You may need to edit the names to use local brand names, and/or add new ones.

Adding New Vaccines

When setting up a new Vaccine there a four basic steps you need to follow:

  1. Add the Vaccine Name, its dosage (e.g. 0.5ml) and its route of administration (e.g. IM)
  2. Scroll to the 'Association with Disease' list and click the 'New Association with Disease' button. This links the vaccine to the diseases it protects against. You can add any number of diseases. See Medical Configuration
  3. Next create some schedules. by clicking the 'Manage Schedule Option'. This sets up how many administrations are required over a period of time to provide cover against the disease. Typically you'll have a primary and booster schedule but you can create your own. See Managing Standard and Alternative Vaccine Schedules
  4. Finally click the scroll to the 'Prices' list and click 'New Price' this sets out what you charge patient for the vaccine. See Managing Prices for more information.

Other options include setting age restrictions, contraindications, entering batch numbers, links to datasheets and so on. The video below explains the process is detail.

Watch the Video overview

You also add and manage Vaccine Batch numbers: scroll down the page until you find the Vaccine Batch Number list. Learn more about managing Vaccine Batch Numbers

Managing Vaccine Schedules, Diseases and Contraindications

To appear on the Vaccine Scheduler a vaccine must be associated with one or more diseases. Learn more Associating Diseases and Contrainidications

To manage primary, booster and other types of vaccine schedules use the Vaccine Schedule Management page

Searching for a Product

To find a product in Inca, use the Global Search feature. Just start typing in the product name and then click Search. Learn more about Global Search.

Managing Prices and Price Books

In most cases, a product has one price associated with it. To add or modify a price, first select the product on the Inca Products tab and then scroll down to Prices section.

Click edit to change the price and tax rate. By default, all products come with the price set to 10.00 (in your local currency).

Inca gives you the ability to associate more than one price with a product. The prices for each product are stored in a Price Book. Using Price Books, you can set both the price and tax rate (VAT, GST etc) charged for a product.

The default Price Book in Inca is called 'Standard'. When an Account is Invoiced the Standard price book is used by default.

If you wish to use a different price book for an account you need create a new Price Book and then associate it with the account. Do this by searching for the Account and changing the associated Price Book to the one you have created. When a new Invoice is created and that account is selected, the invoice will be updated to use the Price Book you have set for the account.

If you set up a new price book you will need to enter prices for all products associated with the price book. This is not a trivial task and so you may wish to get assistance from Inca Support (

Mass Update Prices

If you wish to update a number of Product prices you can do this by accessing the Price tab. This is not displayed by default, to access it click the + icon to the left of the last tab on the Inca Clinic interface

Plus Icon

  1. Locate the Price link and click on it
  2. On the List that appears click in the View dropdown and choose 'Standard Price Boook'
  3. This will update the list to display all products with prices set.
  4. To update a price double click the UnitPrice cell

If you have set up alternative price books you can create a View filter. Use the 'Edit' or 'Create New View' links. See Salesforce Help

Creating Products

To create a product:

  • Click on the Inca Products tab
  • Click the New button. (If this isn't displayed it means you don't have permission to create products.)
  • Select the type of product you are creating. This determines what fields appear on the page.
  • Enter the appropriate details and click Save.
  • You can now create associated information such as:
    • Prices: click the New Price button on the price list table. Inca can have multiple prices associated with a product by using Price Books
    • If the Product is a Vaccine or Medication, you can associate a set of diseases with it.

Complete "How to..." video on creating and managing Vaccine products

Product Details

To view the detail of an existing product use Global Search, or the Inca Products tab to select the product. This image shows the layout for a Vaccine product. The exact fields, layout and related list that are displayed will vary depending on the type of Product you are viewing.

Editing Existing Details

To edit the details of a product you must have the appropriate permissions by default Systems Administrators, Medical Directors and Clinic Manager can edit product details.

For a quick edit double click the field that is to be updated, make the change and press Save.

If you want to change multiple fields you can use the Edit button.

To change the type of product click the Change link on the Record Type field.

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