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 ===== Mass Update Prices ===== ===== Mass Update Prices =====
-If you need to change ​a number of prices you can view the Standard ​Price Book price list by clicking on the Inca Administration tab and selecting ​the Price List link in the Accounts and Finance pane.+If you wish to update ​a number of Product ​prices you can do this by accessing ​the Price tab. This is not displayed ​by default, to access it click the + icon to the left of the last tab on the Inca Clinic interface
-To edit the price double click the price you wish to change+{{:​add_tabs.png|Plus Icon}}
 +  - Locate the Price link and click on it
 +  - On the List that appears click in the View dropdown and choose '​Standard Price Boook'
 +  - This will update the list to display all products with prices set.
 +  - To update a price double click the UnitPrice cell
 +If you have set up alternative price books you can create a View filter. Use the '​Edit'​ or '​Create New View' links. See [[https://​help.salesforce.com/​HTViewHelpDoc?​id=customviews.htm | Salesforce Help]]
 ====== Creating Products ====== ====== Creating Products ======
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