Sales Ledger

Inca Clinic comes with a double-entry style Sales Ledger, Invoices, Credit Notes, and certain financial adjustments such as opening balances can be added and amended in the Sales Ledger.

When to use the Sales Ledger

Entries for Invoices and Credit Notes are created automatically so you should only need to access the Sales Ledger to make adjustments such as the opening balance, or to fix a discrepancy. You should not use the Sales Ledger to create Invoices or Credit Notes.

How to access the Sales Ledger

To access the Sales Ledger you must have permission to access the Inca Administration tab and have permissions to view/edit the Sales Ledger. Systems Administrators have this right; other types of users need to be given specific rights to do this (contact if you need assistance).

Sales Ledger

Creating an Opening Balance

When you're starting Inca Clinic for the first time you might want to create opening balances for some of the accounts (for some companies, NGO's, etc.) that use your clinic.

  • From the Inca Administration page click the Sales Ledger link in the Accounts & Finance panel.
  • On the Sales Ledger page (see the above screen shot), click the New Sales Ledger button.
  • Choose Adjustment as the entry type (Adjustment is the default value) and click Continue.

Now enter some details about the Ledger entry. All the fields are optional but the more you enter the better. To create the opening balance for a company account:

  1. Use the Lookup icon to search for the company (enter 3 or 4 letters from the start of the companys name).
  2. Select the company from the search list.
  3. Optionally enter a Note.
  4. Choose the Medical Centre. This allows you measure outstanding amounts by location.
  5. Enter the Debit or Credit amount.
  6. Press Save.

When the account settles the amount outstanding, create another Adjustment but this time enter the Credit amount.

In the normal course of issuing Invoices, Credit Notes and Statements use the Statements and Payments button on the Accounts page to access the payments page.

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