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Release Notes are provided here.

Getting Started

To get started with Inca Clinic, you can watch this short video of a consultation. It steps through key concepts of using a Care Pathway in Inca Clinic:


Then can also look at the Walk Through. It takes about 5 minutes to get an overview of creating a patient record, doing a consultation with a patient, administering vaccines and then creating an invoice.

The rest of this page looks at some the features of Inca Clinic in more depth, and gives you pointers to further pages of documentation.

Role Specific Help

A good way to learn more about Inca is to read through some of the help pages specific to different roles within a clinic:

  1. I'm a medic (Doctor or Pharmacist)
  2. I work on the front desk

Key Concepts

Learn about some of the key concepts of using Inca Clinic:

  1. Learn how Inca Clinic manages Patients.
  2. Learn how Consultations are managed by Inca Clinic's Care Pathways. Care Pathways are an important way to configure Inca Clinic for your needs: they allow you to design different types patient consultations, for travel, occ health and other immunization services.
  3. Learn about Accounts, to help you manage clients, suppliers and other relationships.
  4. Learn how to manage Products. These include Vaccines, Medication, Consultation Fees and general products and services.
    1. For specific information on managing Vaccines, Schedules and Contraindications go here: Managing Products in Inca Clinic.
  5. Learn how to use Inca Clinic's Stock and Order Management capabilities, including the Vaccine Stock predictor.
  6. Inca Clinic's invoicing features are easy to use and yet are flexible enough to meet the needs of your clinic. Learn how to enable VAT/GST, add and customise invoices to include codes such as ICD-10.
  7. Medical Directors should carefully review how Inca Clinic is configured. This link will provide you with information on reports and features that will help you review Inca Clinic's configuration of medical information and how to amend it as necessary.
  8. Learn about managing your multiple medical centres, addresses, discounts and the underlying information contained in Inca Clinic, using the Administration tab
  9. Learn how to search accross all data types (Patients, Products, etc) in Inca Clinic.
  10. By leveraging the Dashboard and Reporting engine, Inca Clinic gives you the capability to produce in-depth reports and charts to help you manage your clinic.

Getting Ready to Go Live

When you're ready to go live use Inca Clinic use these to steps to get you up and running

  1. Set up your Users. Users and Profiles
  2. Load your clinic logo Add your logo
  3. Setup your clinic address Clinic Management
  4. Review and approve Vaccines and Medication Inca Clinic is configured

Optional Steps

If you have subscribed to the Appointment Module you will also need to set up your clinic rosters and online booking page

  1. Setup Online Booking Enabling Patients to Book Online

Optional Modules

A number of additional modules are available for Inca Clinic (additional subscription charges apply):

  • Appointments and Rostering: Roster staff to clinics and book patients appointments. You can also allow patients to book appointments (and enter basic information) from your web site.
  • Patient Assessment Module: Create customer health assessment questionnaires using a range of question formats, and have patients complete these online.
  • Patient and Corporate Communities: Give login access to your patients, corporate clients and partners.
  • Online Doctor: provide remote real time support to your clinics.

Getting Support from Incaplex

If you have questions or need assistance with the features in Inca Clinic, please email

Granting Support Access to Incaplex

There may be occasions when Incaplex requires access to your Inca Clinic Org to provide support or to configure certain aspects of the application for you. Information on this is provided here.

Special and Advanced Features

Inca Clinic has some advanced features.

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