Stock and Order Management

The stock and order management page can be entered using the Stock tab:

Stock Management: start screen

The commands available on an outstanding order are:

  • View: view the details of an order
  • Receive: record that some or all of the order has been received
  • Print: view an order in a format that's easily printed

Viewing an Order

Viewing an order gives a screen such as:

Viewing an outstanding order

Note: Users with edit permissions can change the status of an order on this page. For example the Order may be cancelled. Double click on the Status field and change it as required. Orders marked as cancelled will not appear in the Outstanding Order list or be counted on the Vaccine Predictor.

Note: Systems Administrators will also see Edit and Delete buttons. This allows them to remove the Order if necessary.

Receiving an order

To receive an order, either use the Receive command on the order (when in the All Outstanding Orders tab), or use the Receive an Order tab and enter the order number. This will bring you to a screen such as the following:

Receiving an order

For each of the products, the number of items received can be input, or Received All can be ticked. Finally, press the Receive Order button.

You can't enter a number of items greater than the number ordered. If the supplier sends you more items then the workaround is to create a new order just for the excess items.

Creating an Order

Orders can be created in two ways:

You should read both of these sections; the vaccine stock predictor is simply a quick way to create orders for one or more suppliers. Once this is done, the order(s) are handled just like manual orders. You can also start by using the predictor, and then add to an order using the manual interface.

Vaccine Stock Predictor

The Vaccine Stock Predictor provides an estimate of likely vaccine stock requirements for each medical centre by looking at all vaccines scheduled for the next 2 weeks and then comparing this with the stock levels reported by Inca. It is an aid in planning how much to order.

Using the Stock Predictor

There are 3 categories:

  • Insufficient Stock: there is not enough stock available to cater for the vaccines scheduled
  • Stock Running Low: there is a sufficient stock but the level is below the minimum stock level
  • Sufficient Stock Levels: there is enough stock to cover vaccines that have been scheduled.

Ordering Stock using the Vaccine Stock Predictor

  1. Use the check list to select the items you wish to order
  2. Click the 'Order Selected'

This will create an order for each supplier and each medical centre. You then fill in the amounts you wish to order.


  • The Stock Predictor only looks forward 2 weeks. It does not included schedules that have gone past their planned administration date.
  • The minimum stock level cannot be set at difference levels for different centres.
  • As stock is used and new vaccines are scheduled, the Vaccine Predictor will change frequently so it needs to be checked daily.
  • The Stock Predictor creates an order for each medical centre for each supplier. Each order is given its own tab, and needs to be committed separately.

We are interested in your views on this feature. Help us improve it by emailing

Manually Create an Order

You can use the Create an Order tab to create an order manually:

Create an order manually

You can then enter each product name:

Input part of the product name

… and enter the order details:

Input the order details

Once the ordered has been saved you can Print or Email the order by clicking the 'All Outstanding Orders' tab and clicking Print

Medical Centres

Orders are created per Medical Centre within an overall clinic, as can be seen from the All Outstanding Orders tab:

Each order is associated with one Medical Centre

You can create a number of orders at the same time. After starting one order, you can create a second one as follows:

Creating a second order

The second order is shown on a separate tab:

A tab per Medical Centre

Supplier Accounts and Minimum Stock Levels

A Supplier Account must exist before you can place an order. Learn more

When you have created a Supplier Account, there are a couple of important fields on the Supplier Account that can help you manage your stock and ordering processes. Choose an supplier account e.g. GSK.

  • Use the Supplier Monthly Billing Date and Billing Cycle Alert Threshold to notify you if you are ordering near to the time when a supplier will issue a statement for payment. You may want to defer large orders until after the supplier issues their statement to help with your clinic's cashflow.
  • To set a minimum stock level for a vaccine, choose the Vaccine Product tab and set the Min Stock Level as required. This field is used by the Stock Predictor to help maintain sufficient stock of a vaccine. Note if you have multiple medical centres this miminum applies to all centres.

(The field Max Order Volume is for future use.)

Opening Stock and Adjustments

When you first start using Inca Clinic it is a good idea to create an opening stock balance that reflects your actual stock. There are also times when you need to adjust the stock levels due to anomalies, or transferring stock between centres. To do this:

  1. Login as a System Administrator.
  2. Choose the Inca Administration tab.
  3. In the Account and Finance section, choose Stock Ledger.
  4. In the page that opens click the New Stock Ledger button.

Making an Adjustment

The Stock Ledger page appears

Stock Adjustment

  1. Choose adjustment as the Transaction Type
  2. Enter the product affected by this adjustment. Use the Lookup icon to do this. tip: Type in the beginning part of the product name, e.g., type in 'Twin' then click the Lookup icon. The search results will filter the list to products beginning with 'Twin'.
  3. Select if the Stock Ledger is to be increased (In) or decreased (Out).
  4. Choose the medical centre affected.
  5. Enter a note if you wish.
  6. Click 'Save'

How to Transfer Stock

  1. Create an Adjustment, choose the product, enter the amount leaving in the Out field (e.g. 10). Choose the medical centre the stock is being moved from.
  2. Create a second Adjustment enter the same product and enter the same amount in the In field (e.g. 10). Choose the medical centre the stock is being sent to.
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