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Substitute Vaccine Brands in a Schedule

When you schedule a multi-dose vaccine (e.g., Rabies HDVC), you record several dates over a number of days, weeks or months. During this period, the brand of vaccine you have available may change: certain vaccines are interchangeable with other brands and so can be swapped for the branded initially scheduled. The Substitute Vaccine feature provides this ability without requiring you to reschedule vaccines.

How to Substitute Vaccine Brands

After creating a vaccine schedule and administrating the first dose in the schedule, the patient will return at the appropriate day for the next administration. For whatever reason, you wish to use an alternative but equivalent brand of vaccine.

  • Start a consultation that contains the Vaccine Administration step.
  • On the Vaccine Administration step, click the Substitute link beside the Vaccine. 1)
    • Note: use the 'Edit Vaccine Schedule' link to select the desired brand if this is the first administration of this vaccine and you wish to change brands.))

  • After clicking 'Substitute', a dialog appears displaying a list of other vaccines that protect against the same disease. The list may also include vaccines that provide cover against additional diseases. You should use your own local policies and guidelines when using this feature as it has certain limitations as described in the footer of this help page and also on the on-screen dialog.2)

  • Select the alternative vaccine you decide to use.
  • Press 'Save'.

The existing vaccine brand is substituted and you can administer the substitute vaccine and set the batch number, as with any other vaccine. On the Vaccine Cover page an asterisk appended to a vaccine indicates that a substitute has been used. The tooltip provides the details, as does the Patient Summary Report.

1) Note this link only appears if this is the 2nd or subsequent administration; it never appears for single dose schedules.
2) Please note Inca Clinic does not assess the viability or appropriateness of the vaccines listed here as legitmate substitutes. Disease cover is calculated based on the vaccine initially scheduled and takes no account of cover provided by the substitute. It is strongly advised that you use this feature with monovalent vaccines only. Please use your local policies and guidelines when choosing a substitute vaccine.
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