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Inca Clinic - Summer 2015 Release

Watch this overview of the latest features

New Online Booking features

All patients can register online before attending

Currently Inca Clinic allows patients to book an appointment online by selecting a time on your clinic's appointment diary, entering their contact details and a travel itinerary, and completing a health assessment. Now, those who book by phone or at the desk can be emailed a link which allows them to enter their contact details and complete a pre-visit health assessment. See Care Pathways

Tailored online pre-visit steps

You can also configure Inca Clinic to send the appropriate health assessment questionnaire and also to hide steps, such as the travel itinerary, that are not relevant. For example, if a corporate client calls to book an appointment for an annual health assessment and the booking is made there and then, Inca Clinic will automatically send them a link to complete an appropriate questionnaire before they attend.

Adjust Appointment Length based on numbers attending.

A patient booking online is now able to state how many people will be attending the clinic (up to a limit which you set). Furthermore, you can configure the system to automatically adjust the length of the appointment based on the number of people attending. See Online Booking Settings

Clinic Notices and Alerts

If you want to inform patients booking online about events, notices, policies or other updates are your clinic. Use the new announcements feature. To create and announcement edit the announcement field on the Medical Centre details page. Inca Administration - Medical Centres. Select the Medical Centre and edit the appropriate field. A High Priority announcement causes a dialog to be displayed to the Patient. See Display Announcements

Appointment Diary Management

Automatically Load Your Preferred Room View

Inca Clinic allows you to group the rosters of several appointment diaries into Room Views, allowing you to compare multiple diaries side-by-side. Perhaps there is a view that you always use and don’t want to load it each time you click on the Appointments tab. Now you can create a Room View and set this as your preferred diary layout. When you click the Appointments tab or refresh the page, your preferred view will be loaded automatically.

Manage Room Views

On the Calendar page, you can click “Load or Manage Room Views' to reorder and delete clinic rooms from a Room View. This dialog also allows you to set your Default Room View. Setting a Default Room View causes Inca Clinic to load this view when you click the Appointments tab

See New Room View features

Tailor Health Assessment Questionnaires for each type of Consultation

Inca Clinic’s Care Pathway feature allows you to create Consultations with a specific set of steps for the clinician to complete; for example: Medical History, Vaccine Scheduling, and so on. The Medical History step allows the user to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire based on questions set by the Clinical Director. While the format of the question was highly flexible, the same health assessment questionnaire was used regardless of the type of Consultation being run.

In the Summer 2105 release you can have a different Health Assessment Questionnaire for each type of consultation. For example, you can now have a Corporate Pre-Departure Health Assessment or a Flu Vaccine Assessment, as well as Pre-Travel Assessments.

See Care Pathways

Credit Card Surcharge on Invoices

Cash is king, and certainly none of us likes to pay the credit card company up to 6% charge when we make a sale. If you wish, you can now encourage cash payments by charging a surcharge on credit card payments: you set the surcharge rate and which cards this applies to. The invoice is recalculated accordingly, and sales tax is also added to the surcharge.

Improved Consultation Templates

If you have a group or family all travelling to the same place, Consultation Templates save you time by allowing you to reload the same travel itinerary into the Travel Itinerary set of the Care Pathway. Consultation Templates are also used by the Online Booking feature to populate the same step. However, if you get many online bookings then the list of active templates can get very long. To help you with this, the management of Consultation Templates has been improved. For example, when a patient is added to the Waiting Room, Inca Clinic automatically selects the latest template available for that patient, so that it’s easier to check the details, switch templates or even load a template for groups and families.

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