Travel Health Advice and News in Inca Clinic

The Winter 12 release of Inca Clinic ™ gives you the ability to provide patients with Travel Health Information and improves the use of travel health news feeds.

To achieve this Inca Clinic ™ takes advantage of the Chatter feature of Salesforce. Think of Chatter like your clinics internal Facebook or LinkedIn. It allows you to share, comment, 'like', store files, web links and even YouTube videos and then automatically inform your colleagues. See this Getting Started with Chatter video to get a general introduction.

Travel Health News feeds and Clinic Chatter

Clinic Chatter lets you 'tag' interesting articles from RSS feeds and save them into your clinics Travel Health News Chatter feed. For example, this the WHO Disease Outbreak news feed:

Inca Clinic attempts to pick out the most important words like the name of the disease or the country and automatically tag these words for you. Chatter uses the same # (hashe tag) format as twitter to help index information.

So why is tagging important? The tags help Inca Clinic determine what the article is about, and you can then search for articles using the tag terms by using Global Search. The tags are also used by Inca Clinic to provide context-aware news articles related to a country or diseases. During a consultation, the Health News link looks at the country itinerary and pulls in Travel Health news saved in the Inca Clinic Chatter feed. It uses the tags to help it pull in the appropriate news articles:

To access travel health news in the Consultation, click the Health Advice link. This will display articles in your Chatter feed that contain the name of the county in the title or in the tag. You can also search for articles on diseases such as Rabies. Clicking on the link opens the web site that published the article.

Adding Web Sites, Documents and YouTube videos

You can include links to web sites, upload documents or even You Tube videos and have then accessible to you staff and patients. There is a default Chatter group called after you clinics name. By adding documents and links this group they become available in the Consultation

Travel Health Library

You can now use the build-in Salesforce Chatter feature to store and organise useful travel health advice information which you can then email to your patient from the Consultation Summary page.

NOTE If you haven't use the Travel Media Chatter Group it may have been archived by the system. To retrieve the Travel Media group. Open the Chatter tab and click on the Groups link located on the right-hand side. Click 'My Archived Groups'. Click on Travel Media. Click 'Active Group' located on the top. Now click 'Group Settings' located to the left on the next screen check 'Don’t automatically archive this group' and save

How to create the Travel Library group

If you started using Inca Clinic™ after the Winter 12 release then the Travel Media Chatter group is already in place and you DON'T NEED TO DO THIS STEP.

Users that subscribed to Inca Clinic™ before the Winter 12 release should do the following:

  • Click the '+' symbol to the right of the last tab on Inca Clinic
  • On the page the appears search for the Chatter link and click it
  • On the Chatter click the Create New Group button
  • Name it Travel Media. It must be called Travel Media for the feature to work.

Giving Users access to the Travel Library Group

For a Doctor or Nurse to be able to send travel health information they must be a member of the Travel Media Chatter group. To add users to this or any Chatter group do the following

  1. Click the + icon located on the right of the last tab
  2. This displays all available tabs. Choose the Chatter link
  3. This will display your own Chatter home page. Along the left side click on All Groups beneath the Groups section
  4. On the main part of the screen all current Chatter Groups will be displayed. Click on 'Travel Media'
  5. In the Travel Media group click the Add/Remove Members link.
  6. Use the dialog to add additional members by searching for them or using the everyone link to list all users in Inca Clinic

Any user added to the group will be able to access the Travel Health resources you have added and email them to the patient.

Once you've step up the group you can upload files like PDF documents, Word documents whatever you like. You can also enter links to web sites, and embed YouTube or Vimeo videos'

When you post an item using the word #preferred tells Inca Clinic™ to preselect the item on the Consultation Summary

Sending Travel Health Advice to the Patient

The Patient Consultation page has a section called Travel Media and Health Documents. This contains any posts made to the Travel Media Chatter Group. Those using the #preferred tag are preselected (clicked on) by default, and you can check/uncheck articles as required for your patient.

Pressing **Email Selected Items” emails the links and documents (as attachments) to the patient. Inca Clinic ™ also logs this as an activity on the patient's record so you know the date and time that the document were sent.

Travel Media and Health Documents section of the consultation summary

Example Email

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