Creating a Travel Itinerary

Watch this short video - it's the best way to learn how to create a travel itinerary in Inca Clinic.

Basic Steps

  • Enter the start date of the trip. If this is unknown, click the 'unknown duration' box.
  • Start typing the name of the country. When the correct country appears in the list, use the down arrow to select it and then press 'enter' on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to click on the country.
  • Type in the duration, e.g., 10. Inca Clinic will present a list of 10 Days, 10 Weeks, etc. Select whatever is appropriate (using the down arrow or the mouse).
  • Enter any other countries and durations for the itinerary.
  • Now enter common itinerary 'behaviours' - i.e., what the traveller is planning to do, where they'll be staying and why they're travelling.
  • If necessary, add country specific activites using the spanner icon adjacent to the country name.
  • Combined, this information will help Inca Clinic build a list of vaccines to be considered for the traveller.
  • Press Save when you're finished, and then click the next step in the consultation.

Country Information

The bottom right of the screen shows information about the countries in the itinerary: clicking on a country in the itinerary shows a map of the country and a set of useful links for that country. Clicking on the map brings you to the Wikipedia page for that country. (You can manage the set of links for each country; contact us to find out more.)

Country information


Trip of unknown start date and duration

If the traveller is uncertain of when their trip starts or ends, click the 'Unknown Duration' checkbox. This allows you to enter countries without specifying any dates or durations.

Handling Approximate Dates

If the traveller knows when they are travelling but only has a rough idea of their duration in any one place, click the spanner icon to the right of the Start Date input box. Click on the Approximate Dates option. This will then allow you to enter the country and a duration but not display any dates. This option was added because some users or travellers don't like to see exact dates being calculated when they are inputting only approximate durations for each step of the travel itinerary.

Override the End Date

Using the spanner symbol to the right of the Start Date, you can also select Enable End Date Selection. This allows you to specify an exact end date for the itinerary to override the one that would otherwise be calculated from approximate durations given by the traveller.

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