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Using and Managing Consultation Templates

NB: At present only travel itinerary details are saved, with the exception of Online Bookings which also save the patient's health assessment.

Creating a Template:

  1. On the Consultation Summary page click the Manage Templates link
  2. The Name or Patient ID of the patient will appear in a field below. You can rename the template if you wish
  3. Click the Create Template link to save the template

Using a Template:

  1. Add a new patient to the Waiting Room.
  2. If there are templates available a drop down list will appear next to the Start Consultation button
  3. Select the desired template and start the consultation

Managing Templates

  1. On the Waiting Room screen click the Manage Templates button
  2. A list of currently active templates will appears
  3. Check those you wish to delete
  4. Click the Delete button

Templates created via Online Bookings

Patients booking appointments via the Online Booking feature create a Consultation Template which includes their travel itinerary and the completed health assessment. The templates are automatically name after the patient and the date the appointment was made.

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