Vaccine Administration

The Vaccine Administration step shows the list of vaccines to be administered, plus a human figure on to which the vaccines are to be placed. This step usually appears in a Care Pathway which also shows the medic the patient's vaccine history and the full schedule of vaccines that today's vaccine administration is part of.

At the start, the screen will look something like the following:

Vaccines Administration: start screen

Tip: the quickest way to add the vaccines to the human figure is to mouse over one of the sites - often the left arm - and select the Add all vaccines option that appears.

Vaccine Administration to left arm

This gives the following:

Vaccine Administration all on left arm


Once all of the vaccine administration sites have been recorded in Inca Clinic, you should administer the vaccines to the patient and then confirm this using the Confirm Administrations button. Before the administration is finally saved, a dialog will appear asking to confirm the batch numbers being used.

Note: If for any reason some of the vaccines cannot be administered as planned, they should be removed from the body sites on the figure before confirming the administrations, and a consultation note should be added (using the Consultation Notes and Summary botton near the top of the screen; or you can wait until the end of the Care Pathway when the consultation note is shown on the screen).

Alternative way to add vaccines

You can select any of the vials and drag it to one of the sites that appear on the figure (a site for oral administration appears only if this a valid option for the vaccine selected):

Vaccine Administration dragging a vial

Moving a vaccine

You can also drag a vaccine from one body site to another. Simply select the vaccine name on the site on which it is currently listed, and drag it to the new site.

Deleting a vaccine from a site

You can delete a vaccine from a site by mousing over it and pressing the X that appears:

Vaccine Administration delete a vaccine from a site

The Reset button can also be used to clear all of the sites.

Batch Numbers

The current batch number is shown for each vaccine. Others can be chosen using the drop-down list:

Selecting a batch number from the drop-down menu

New batch numbers can be added using the Add Batch Code button.

Substituting Vaccines

If you need change the brand of vaccines during the middle of a course, use the Substitute Vaccine feature. More detailed instructions can be found here.

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