Managing Vaccine Batch Numbers

Inca Clinic has the ability to manage vaccine batch numbers across any number of Medical Clinics. Each clinic can have one default batch number per vaccine and any number of active batch numbers.

Adding a New Batch Number

To associate a batch number, search for the vaccine using the Global Search facility:

The Global Search facility.

Select the vaccine, and:

  1. On the Vaccine Product page scroll down to the Vaccine Batch Number list.
  2. Click New Vaccine Batch Number.

The list of batch numbers, and the New Vaccine Batch Number button.


  1. Enter the Batch number,
  2. and the Expiry Date.
  3. Lookup the Medical Centre or type its name.
  4. If this is to be the Default batch number (i.e., first to appear in the Vaccine Administration drop down list), click the check box.
  5. Press Save.

Entering a Batch Number

Expiry Dates and Inactive Batch Numbers

A batch number will not appear on the Vaccine Administration consultation step if

  1. The Inactive checkbox is ticked, or
  2. Its Expiry Date has past

Editing a Batch Number

To edit a Batch Number, search for the vaccine, scroll to the list of Batch Numbers and Click the Edit link. There are certain limitations to editing a batch number:

  • You cannot edit an existing Batch Number, instead click the Inactive check box.
  • You cannot Delete a batch number record, but again you can mark it Inactive.
  • You cannot associate the Batch Number with a different vaccine, but again you can mark it Inactive.

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