Managing Standard and Alternative Vaccine Schedule Regimes

Vaccines come with one or more recommended schedules, usually a Primary regime and a Booster. In some cases, there may be official and unofficial alternatives that deal with circumstances where, for example, the “normal: routine can not be used because the person is travelling too soon to complete the course.

In addition, many newer vaccines provide protection against more than one disease (Twinrix for example) and the level of cover provided against each disease differs.

New in the Autumn 11 release of Inca Clinic is an improved interface for managing these regimes and how they affect a patient's cover against a disease. The following video explains how to manage vaccines in more detail:

How to View and Edit Scheduling Regimes

  • Choose a vaccine from the list of Inca Products (or use the Global Search facility)
  • IMPORTANT! First ensure the Vaccine is associated with correct diseases. Learn how to do this.
  • Click Manage Schedule Options to view/add/edit Primary, Booster and other schedules associated with the vaccine.
  • IMPORTANT! enter the correct number of administrations for each schedule. This cannot be altered later.

Manage Vaccine Schedule Regimes

Click New to add a new Schedule or click Edit to update an existing one.

Modifiy Vaccine Schedule Regimes


You cannot delete an Schedule. However, you can disable it, which will prevent it from appearing on the Vaccine Scheduler.

Schedules must have unique names; e.g., you cannot have two Primary courses for a given vaccine. Instead the second primary schedule type could be called Primary 2 or another appropriate name.

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