Waiting Room

The Waiting Room acts as a central location to track a patient's progress through your clinic; this is useful if you work with a team of administration and medical staff.

 Waiting Room

To access the Waiting Room, click on the Waiting Room tab. If you are a medic, you can start a consultation by clicking on the Start Consultation button. If you need to change the type of Care Pathway you want to use click the (Options) link beside the patient's name.

The (Options) link also allows you to perform other functions, such as adding notes and removing the patient from the Waiting Room.

You don't have to specifically add a patient to the Waiting Room to perform a consultation: this is automatically done when you start a Consultation from the patient's record.

 Waiting Options

Note: If you do not have permissions to run a Consultation you will not see the Start Consultation buttons.

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