The web sites care pathway step allows you to embed a website browser into the consultation process.

This is useful if you want to add a step in the consultation to check a resource (Travax is a popular one in the UK). This means you can consult the website without leaving the flow of the consultation.

To use the Web Sites step you must first add it to the relavent care pathways, and then configure the sites available for browsing.

Add the Web Sites step

  • Go to the Inca Administration tab.
  • In the fourth panel you will see the Care Pathways link, clicking on this brings up a dialog where you can choose which care pathway to edit.

  • Clicking on the name of the Care Pathway you want to edit will bring you to a page where you can edit all of the care pathway details - including the name and the steps available in that care pathway.
  • There are two areas at the bottom of the screen - the upper box shows the steps that are currently in the care pathway. The second (lower) box shows all available steps - this is called the Step Inventory.
  • You can Drag and Drop steps from the Step Inventory to the upper box - this will insert them into the consultation. The order is determined by the order in which you place them (and you can use drag and drop to shuffle them around).

Add Websites for Viewing

  • Open the Inca Administration tab
  • In the Consultation Settings (fourth) panel you will see a link for Consultation Websites.
  • Clicking on this link will bring up a dialog that allows you to add a name and a url for the websites.

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