Inca Clinic - Winter 12 Release: build version 1.60

The Winter 12 release of Inca Clinic™ is packed with many improvements to existing features. We have also released new features that will help you to provide better health advice to your patients.

Travel Media and Documents

From the Consultation Summary page you can email patients important documents and links to health information web pages. These pages can be located on your own or on other web sites. You can even include YouTube videos. Learn more about providing your patients with travel health advice.

Improvements to the Travel Health News Feeds

We have made further improvements to Inca Clinics ability to bring in news feeds and then use them in your clinic. The new improved interface makes it very easy to save and tab news articles in the Clinics Travel News Chatter feed. You can now access the Travel Health News feed in the Consultation.

Learn more about using Travel Health News Feeds

Stock Ordering

Suppliers and Manufacturers

It's now possible to differentiate between distributors and manufacturers. If a particular Vaccine is available from a number of distributors you can associate those distributors with the manufacturer. Here's how it works:

  1. if the Manufacturer (e.g. GSK or Sanofi Pasteur) doesn't already exist, create a Supplier type of Account for it.
  2. Create your products (if necessary) and associate them with the manufacturer; e.g., if it's a Sanofi Pasteur vaccine then indicate it as the Supplier on the product record.
  3. Create your distributor by creating a Supplier type of Account. For example, 'ACME Vaccine Distributors Ltd'.
  4. Once the distributor account is created, edit the record and set the Parent Account field to, for example, Sanofi Pasteur. Save the record.
  5. When you create a new order from ACME Vaccine Distributors Ltd it will “pull through” the Sanofi Pasteur vaccines.
  6. When the stock arrives, it will be added to the inventory as normal.

Supplier Reference and Comments

You can now enter a reference given to you by the Supplier, and also comments relating to the order, e.g., “Deliver Mornings Only”.

Value of Order

If you set the cost price of the product this will appear on the order. This records the cost price of the product at the time the order was made. In this way, you can build historical comparisons to track price changes over time.


  • Each invoice now summarises the value of different product types.
  • You can add a client's Order Number. This is available on the Accounts tab of the invoice. The Order Number will appear on the invoice and on the statement.
  • The invoice will display External Identifiers when the Display on Reports option is selected. This is useful to help fulfill medical insurance requirements, club memberships, and so on.

Display External Identifiers on Invoices and Reports

Its very common for patients to have some sort of number, code or identifier that links them with things such as a state medical insurance scheme, a club, a promotion, etc. etc. It's often a requirement that these identifiers appear on invoices and other documents so that the patient can get reimbursements for medical expenses, benefits, and so on.

As of Inca Clinic Winter 12, it is possible to set Inca Clinic™ so that these identifiers appear in documents such as invoices, etc. Here is how it works: let's say your country has a state sponsored medical expense reimbursement scheme called “Medical Expenses Payment Scheme”, or MEPS for short. Every eligible citizen is given a number that they provide to you. To get a refund of the cost of the consultation or other medical expenses, the patient must submit an invoice to the government department managing the scheme. The Invoice must display their MEPS number.

Steps to take:

Create a "Patient Service Provider" Account

  1. Click the Accounts tab, and click the New button.
  2. Create a new Patient Service Provider account.
  3. Name the account as it should appear on invoices. In this case. we'll call it MEPS.
  4. Press Save.

Associate a Patient

  1. Open a patient's record.
  2. Click the “Identifiers” tab on the patient record.
  3. Click Add Identifier.
  4. In the dialog that appears, enter “MEPS” in the Select an Account field.
  5. Enter the Patient ID number, e.g. 1234567X, in the External Identifier field
  6. To have this ID appear on patient reports and invoices, check the “Display on Reports” checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

Once this done, anytime a patient report or invoice is printed or emailed, it will display MEPS:1234567X. You can display up to 5 external identifiers per patient in this way.

Protecting Products from Deletion

We've added some additional functionality to block products like Vaccines, Medication, etc. from being deleted if they are referenced on Invoices or on any patient's medical record. However, you may want to prevent some products from being used in the future. This is easy to achieve: simply uncheck the Active field on the Product Details page.

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